A basic course in BlackBerry Phone entry

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1. Set up the Internet access point: Main interface-Options (set)-Advanced options-TCP-APN fill Cmwap or cmnet unicom fill Uniwap then save (username and password not filled)

2. Telephone dialing settings: dial-up interface-by wave wheel or menu key-enter option-Smart Dial-country code changed to unknown save

3. Background operation (9 Series 5.0 long Press Menu key can): Hold down the lower left corner alt key, press the return key to enter the background, all the BlackBerry models the same (the lower left corner for the ALT key)

4. Bluetooth Settings: 8 Series with-options-Bluetooth-by the wave Wheel or menu key-enter options-can be found to go into the media using Bluetooth receiver, use the other mobile phone search Bluetooth-pairing-send-Receive-complete receive large file Method-media-Menu key-browse-into Media card-press Menu key, Then use Bluetooth to receive

5. Phone message ringtone settings: The main interface situation settings or configuration files-to allocate-advanced-enter-enter the phone and SMS (sms)-set, MP3 ringtones placed in memory card-blackberry-ringtones, you can read for the bell.

6. Restore factory settings: Main interface-Options (set)-Security options General Settings-Press the wave Wheel or menu key-wipe off the handheld device-continue to recover after the boot press OK, in the next step in the setting can be set to Chinese

7. Text Input shortcut key: Hold down the ALT key and press ENTER to switch Input method, enter a number: Press the ALT key and then enter the number by number, uppercase English input: Input method switch to English, and then hold down the CAP key and then enter English, special symbol input: Press sym key After the selection can be, Enter punctuation: Hold down the ALT key, enter the key that has punctuation on the keyboard is input, the middle error word replacement or typing: Hold down the ALT key scroll to the text place release ALT key Typing can

8. Program shortcuts: In the desktop to start the BlackBerry built-in program can use its name next to the shortcut keys, such as Message M, the calendar is L, lock keyboard for K, the premise is in the dial-up-Press the BlackBerry key option-General options to turn off "from the home screen dialing."

9. Reboot: When the BlackBerry crashes, the general can be restored by shutdown, but the shutdown and then boot the BlackBerry will not self-test. If you need a restart process that really means a self-test, press ALT, shift, and Del to restart the BlackBerry, or remove the battery directly

10. Message to bottom/top: In most locations, press the B key to go to the bottom, press the T key can go to the top, such as short message, Notepad, text and message list, etc.

11. SMS: Again short message interface Press T key is to the top, press B key to the bottom, press V to the saved message

12. Mass message: BlackBerry up to a text message can send 10 people, after playing a text message Press Menu key or wave turn to the recipient to choose to add the recipient can

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