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Problem Statement

Snuke is has a barbeque party.

At the party, he'll make N servings of skewer Meal.

Example of a serving of skewer Meal

he has a stock of  2 N  skewers, all of which would be a used in skewer Meal. The length of the  i -th skewer is  L i . Also, he has an infinite supply of ingredients.

to make a serving of skewer Meal, he picks  2  skewers and threads ingredients onto those skewers. Let the length of the shorter skewer be  x , then the serving can hold the maximum of  x  ingredients.

What's the maximum total number of ingredients N a servings of skewer Meal can hold, if he uses the skewers op Timally?

  • 1≦N≦100
  • 1≦Li≦100
  • For each i , was an Li integer.

The input is given from standard input in the following format:

NL1 L2 … L2N

Print The maximum total number of ingredients this Snuke ' s N servings of skewer Meal can hold.

Sample Input 1
21 3 1 2
Sample Output 1

If He makes a serving using the first and third skewers, and another using the second and fourth skewers, each serving wil L hold 1 2 and ingredients 3 .

Sample Input 2
5100 1 2 3 14 15 58 58 58 29
Sample Output 2

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A-BBQ Easy

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