A bit of understanding on the learning of j2s

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A bit of understanding on the learning of j2s


Recently, due to personal interest, I changed to a new job for the development of j2s. Although I had been familiar with j2s for a long time, it was around 02 years ago, 03 at the beginning of the year, I also made a simple client application using j2s. However, after work, I found that my foundation is still weak and there are still too many technologies to learn.

In this month, I came to the new environment and did not have a lot of work at hand. So I can take a lot of time to learn about the j2s and do some exercises. After studying and using this period of time, I found that the technology of j2's is still relatively simple and can be started quickly. As long as the direction is selected, it is not difficult to study in depth, basic technologies, such as advanced user interfaces, low-level user interfaces, record storage systems, and network programming, are simple usage.

There are many sdks using Nokia s60 and s40, but there are not many sdks available from other vendors. In fact, the vendor SDK and wtk are compared, generally the extended vendor API (such as the Nokia ui api) + the vendor's own simulator. With the foundation of wtk programming, learning should be fast.

However, the greatest difficulty in learning j2-based programming is the implementation of logic. I believe this is also the most difficult part of all programming. Therefore, it is far from enough to learn only the technology to learn j2_based programming. It also requires strong logic thinking capabilities, of course, if you want to do 3D programming, you still need strong spatial thinking capabilities. In addition, pay attention to many details in the j2_based programming. For example, the memory of the device is very limited. Therefore, pay more attention to memory savings and optimization algorithms during programming, these need to develop good programming habits and long-term accumulation.

After more than a month of study, I found that I had to learn more and more things, and there were too many shortcomings. I had to study harder in the future, hoping to improve my family.

My E-mail: cqucyf@263.net, hope to communicate with more friends of j2's.

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