A blue screen crash caused by improper hard drive parameter setting

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"Failure problem" in the BIOS setup changed the working mode of the hard disk, every time you start the computer Win XP will appear blue screen panic, excuse me, what is the cause of this, how to exclude?

Troubleshooting This failure is caused by improper hard drive working mode Setup. In the BIOS setup, select the "intergratertperipherals" option, as shown in the figure.

Then find the "sataraid/ahcimode" option, which is used to set the working 舣 of the hard disk, with a "DISABLED", "RAID", "AHCI" three modes to choose from. Before installing the operating system, users can set up the actual situation, once set up, and after the installation of the system, you can no longer modify its settings. Otherwise, it will cause the operating system to start when the blue screen panic failure. Understand the principle, users only have to change the hard drive mode back to the original mode can be.

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