A breakpoint occurred in the file transfer

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A: Find a larger file through the stream transmission, but to half of the time suddenly broke, make breakpoints, judge the source file and the file length is the same;

If the source file is larger than the local file size, you need to continue

If the source file is equal to the local file, then all passed, return this program;

If the source file equals zero, the file does not exist; It needs to start from scratch;

1 /**2 * breakpoint file making machine; professional manufacturing Breakpoints3          */4File src =NewFile ("d:\\ software \\FeiQ.exe");5File local =NewFile ("g:\\a\\" +src.getname ());6         7         Try {8InputStream in =NewFileInputStream (SRC);9OutputStream out =NewFileOutputStream (local);Ten              One             byte[] bs =New byte[1024]; A             LongOver =0; -              for(intlen = 0; (Len =in.read (BS))!=-1;) { -Out.write (BS, 0, Len); the                 //the file passed in half. Class breakpoints appear -Over =over+Len; -                 if(Over>src.length ()/2){ -System.out.println ("breakpoint appears"); +                      Break; -                 } +             } A out.close (); at in.close (); -}Catch(FileNotFoundException e) { - e.printstacktrace (); -}Catch(IOException e) { -             //TODO auto-generated Catch block - e.printstacktrace (); in}

1*/2File src =NewFile ("d:\\ software \\FeiQ.exe");3File local =NewFile ("g:/a/" +src.getname ());4         5System.out.println ("Source File size:" +src.length ());6         7         Longstart = 0;//file pointer start position8         9         if(src.length () = =local.length ()) {TenSystem.out.println ("File already exists, no replication required, end of program"); One             return; A}Else if(Local.length () ==0){ -SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("File does not exist, need to start from scratch"); -}Else if(Src.length () >local.length ()) { theSystem.out.println ("Breakpoint file, need to continue ..."); -Start =local.length (); -         } -          +         Try { -             //establishing a connection pipeline +InputStream in =NewFileInputStream (SRC); A              at             //output stream Append -OutputStream out =NewFileOutputStream (Local,true); -              -             byte[] bs =New byte[2048];  -  -             //set the input stream start position in In.skip (start); -SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("input stream start Position:" +start); to              +             //cyclic replication -              for(intLen=0 (Len=in.read (BS))!=-1; ){ theOut.write (BS, 0, Len); *             } $             Panax NotoginsengSYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Transfer End"); -              the             //release the resources, people go off the lights + out.close (); A in.close (); the              +}Catch(FileNotFoundException e) { - e.printstacktrace (); $}Catch(IOException e) { $E.printstacktrace ();

A breakpoint occurred in the file transfer

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