A brief review of RSS Development History

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A brief review of RSS Development History

Author: Tian Chunfeng
Link: http://blog.csdn.net/accesine960/archive/2005/03/05/312308.aspx

The first version of RSS is RSS 0.90, which was developed and designed by natscape in about 99 years. It is mainly used to build a portal that integrates the content of major news sites. Because this technology is based on the W3C new-generation Semantic Network Technology (RDF), natscape calls RSS "RDF Site Summary" or "rich site summary ".
With the deterioration of natscape, the development of RSS is also dead. Userland, a company specializing in blog writing software development, saw the prospect of this technology. For the first time, it commercialized RSS and integrated it into its weblog product, later, RSS 0.91 was launched. With the popularity of blogs, RSS has also developed. It can be said that blogs and RSS are a pair of twins. Userland has gradually assumed the dominant role in RSS development. Meanwhile, it has simplified RSS and introduced 0.92, 0.93, and 0.94 versions of RSS. userland has given RSS a new definition: "Really Simple Syndication". This phrase is well known for its existing Chinese translation and does not require her younger brother blog or blog.
At the same time, many other companies and organizations have realized that this technology has a wider application, so they have come together to develop an RSS standard, rss1.0. However, they did not start with version 0.94 of userland, but started with version 0.90 proposed by natscape. During this period, there was no good communication between userland and it was troublesome. Userland saw that rss1.0 was directed at rss0.94, and to replace RSS 0.94, it did not dare to show that rss2.0 was released.
This is what we are talking about today about the two branches of RSS.

The development of RSS has encountered great troubles. In this case, atom is a news aggregation technology similar to RSS. Due to the late occurrence of the issue, Atom does not have a messy version of RSS, and has made great improvements in scalability. what's even more valuable is that atom also provides atom APIs to guide development.

So far,There are seven RSS versionsRSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 are recommended,Rss2.0 is the most popular version.But RSS readers all support RSS versions, and a small part of them support atom.

Here is an example of RSS 2.0:

<? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
& Lt; RSS version = "2.0" & gt;
<Title> how happy the website </title>
<Link> http://www.domolo.com </link>
<Description> How happy is the personal knowledge management system and assistant Expert of personal information management </description>
<URL> "http://www.domolo.com/domolo/images/xiaodingdong_ie_toolbar.jpg" </URL>
<Title> Xiao Dingdong </title>
<Link> http://www.domolo.com </link>
<Title> webpage express delivery --- released </title>
<Link> http://www.domolo.com/domolo/troyKm/index.aspx </link>
<Description> you can right-click a webpage to save the desired webpage for later browsing, searching, packaging, and downloading. </Description>
<Pubdate> Mar, 4 Jan 2004 16:16:16 GMT </pubdate>

It can be seen that the format is very simple. More detailed format information:Complete definition

For more information, see:

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