A cache written by the lazy programmer in the world can also greatly speed up your complex computing programs (database programs)

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Simulate your database carefully Program Have you found that database data is frequently read repeatedly during computing (especially during multi-user computing ?! This is the primary killer of database processing program performance.

Some people say that before writing a programAlgorithmMake sure that the data records are read in batches and at one time. However, this is often not possible because complicated programs are close to the logical process to be clearly maintained. Moreover, this cannot solve the problem of multi-user access. It is best that we don't have to consider whether the data will be read repeatedly when writing a program to change the program process, but it can naturally prevent repeated reading of the database. When optimization is performed on the computing process without disrupting the logic clarity, it is certainly necessary to rely on a simple cache-the object can only be cached for a few seconds.

Next I will write a simple cache written by the world's lazy programmer using. net, but it can often greatly increase the computing speed of complex computing programs.

C # code
    Using  System;  Using  System. Collections. Generic;  Namespace Domainbase {  Public     Class  Objectcache {  //  Dictionary <K, T> automatically maintains an empty linked list to save unused units.  //  Here, the "weak reference" of the cached objects is used to allow these objects to be reclaimed by garbage collection.      Private  Dictionary  <  String  , Weakreference >  Buffer  =     New  Dictionary  <  String  , Weakreference  >  ();  Public     Object     This  [  String Key] {  Get  {Weakreference ret;  If  (Buffer. trygetvalue (key,  Out  RET)  &&  Ret. isalive)  Return  Ret. target;  Else    Return    Null  ;}  Set  {Weakreference ret;  If  (Buffer. trygetvalue (key,  Out  RET) ret. Target  =  Value;  Else  Buffer. Add (key,  New  Weakreference (value ));}} Public     Void  Remove (  String  Key) {buffer. Remove (key );}}} 

This is the simplest cache. For example:

Public class user
Static objectcache buffer = new objectcache ();

Public static getuser (string ID)
User ret = buffer [ID];
If (ret = NULL)
Ret = read the database and generate the user object (ID );
Buffer [ID] = ret;
Return ret;

Here, the key of the object and the "weak reference" of the object are saved in a dictionary <K, T> structure dictionary ". In this way, GC will release cached objects when the memory is insufficient. This simplest cache is useful when we need to cache objects in seconds.

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