A car voucher for a fast train how to use a special car voucher to get the method

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Quick delivery of a special car coupon get the conditions

We install a fast app in our mobile phone, then there will be a car, we need to use the first binding credit card, select the use of coupons, complete the ride, the credit card will be automatically deducted fees, the amount of discount coupons, binding credit cards, can also send 60 yuan voucher, Almost without paying for the limousine service.

After the quick delivery of the coupons, also want to take a car, you can download a car app, the first use directly send 15 yuan coupons, input A2AVMR can also be exchanged for 65 Yuan coupons, car service is very comfortable, but still expensive point, if there is no pressure coupons.

Use steps:

Open the quick taxi software to see if you have vouchers

Return to taxi home, as shown in the following figure

Click on the figure arrow pointing, slide to the 1th car option

Enter the destination you want to reach, you can see a nearby car distribution.

Click I want to take a taxi

When the driver succeeds, the following distance information is indicated

After the car will have the following page prompts, only after the driver clicks charges can be paid operation

Tip: Charge According to the distance system automatic billing

In payment, choose to use the "one car voucher" to pay.

All right, here we are. About a special car voucher hand use and obtain the method is finished, small series did not test how many times but at least can 2 times of OH.

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