A Chinese graduate tutor's heartfelt words (mainly applied to science and engineering)

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1. As your teacher, I am now working 60 hours a week, down to 60 hours. Reading, practicing, thinking, discussing and consulting, the cycle. In fact, this is not enough, because I have to do this side of my own subject, but also to assist you to complete your project. So lower your demands, 50 hours a week. Hope is true and efficient for 50 hours, thinking and limbs are active for 50 hours. We must not think that there is anything out of the way, with foreign no more than, single on the domestic, Peking University, Tsinghua, Chinese Academy of Sciences graduate work status, more than 50 hours. We cannot deny our students ' talents, but our talents are not much higher than those of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences or Stanford, Harvard and UCBerkeley. Working 40 hours a week or less, what do we do to compete?

The above is said to be more abstract, then give you a specific question please consider: Now you read a study of the direction of the English literature, with the help of the dictionary, can be in 3 hours (graduate) or 6 hours (undergraduate) to fully understand and understand? When you read a document in this field, can you naturally associate more than 3 related documents? If you can't do that, you don't have to go to the threshold of research and you need to refuel.

2. What if you seldom read the original English language and do not understand? Here is a good way: to find a Chinese classic books, only to see a section you are interested in or related to your content, and then find one or two English review (review) read carefully, not the words can be used in electronic dictionary search, perhaps you read the first article takes two days, you two days to read the 2nd time, You may just have one day, and then you can read the 2nd one and maybe just half a day! Then you will really find the thrill of reading English literature! People's article analysis is really thorough, rich content! When you need to focus on research, generally first browse through a short summary of recent studies of the literature, selectively read several good articles. If you read more, you will naturally feel it, and look for articles in higher-level magazines. Well-known foreign scientists generally have a habit, that is, every week to read the first and last article science, Nature, cell and other high-level articles. And science is free for the Chinese! Nature also has a lot of content is free, even if there is no password and so on, you can get a lot of useful information ah.

3. Postgraduate study and research postgraduate period for people, for learning to pay attention to ways and means.

(1) As a junior graduate student, your elder brother and sister (especially immediately graduated, will leave the group of Senior elder sister) is you must not miss the resources! Whether or not their work is particularly good, it is very important to communicate with them sincerely, communicate with them, consult them, and learn from the core technologies and key steps that they have mastered or understood. In general, because of graduation, such as published articles, such as rigid requirements, the laboratory also exists in the invisible competition, some seniors are not likely to grasp the things in peacetime (especially their own spending a great effort to summarize the things) all told you, it is impossible to report to the boss without reservation, and these are exactly what you need. Maybe they teach you, just a word, pointing at an experimental step, but for you can save a few months of groping time. Put down your shelf, do not think your brother and sister master of the things you learned very early, very likely they left a hand! But realistically speaking, elder sister-in-factly does not teach you the obligation, he is not your mentor! How to learn, see your performance! Remember: This can save you a lot of time and energy.

(2) For research, literature is one of your life! Pay more attention to the literature and read the latest literature of high-grade magazines. Even if your school or research institute does not have some resources, you can get the information you need through Internet communication, literature transfer, etc. Literature is used to learn, not to collect or show off to others, not just to become a literature collector. and to learn to read the literature, only a few documents need to be intensive reading or repeated reading, repeated understanding.

(3) A bite to eat is not big fat! Take steps to solve the problem you want to solve. Although the overall situation is important, you can divide a big problem into several small problems, conquer. Do not rush nimbly to solve and make yourself restless, this does not help solve the problem, otherwise, graduate students will not have to graduate a few years.

(4) Each person considers the problem from the angle of different, pay attention to the same field of staff (although their opinions may not be correct), they (including the tutor) "casual" sentence, comprehensive your thinking, it is likely to solve your problem is very helpful! Be aware of your mentor's guidance to other members of the group (including "reprimand") and use or avoid it in your work.

(5) for graduate students with a certain foundation (senior), the literature in your opinion can not be perfect, with a look at the literature, looking for your direction and breakthrough, you may make more than you say to read the document better things.

(6) Consult the authors of the literature you are interested in, or communicate with them! You notice that their results are in themselves a respect for them, and don't worry about being our crew by others. I sent an e-mail to a foreign master to ask for an earlier paper, he told me he did not have an electronic version, you can send me a cardboard paper, let me tell him the address, and finally really soon sent me the paper.

(7) graduate students in the first year of class, the third year to find a job, write a thesis, reply, soon passed, therefore, do things must have plans, mind to clear, to take the initiative! Determine the tutor after the initiative and more contact with the tutor, and the group of Senior elder sister contact, early to prepare, even if casually on the Internet to browse the relevant areas of the news. Don't always wait for the tutor to urge you to do what you do, especially doctoral students!

(8) When you are very busy, calm down to think about, whether you are busy, or "Mang" or "blind"! Anyway, it takes time to think and summarize, the input is very important, but do not blindly immersed in the experiment!

(9) Finish the experiment and deal with the results as soon as possible, which is very important for your follow-up experiment design! Many things are not the result of your imagination, to analyze, adjust the protocol, do not wait until graduation to deal with, then there is a problem is too late.

(10) If possible, in the postgraduate period as early as possible to cast an article to a better magazine, even if not published, it will be very rewarding, because good magazines will often ask experts in the relevant fields for your review, will give a very detailed assessment, which for you, is very important guidance!

(11) When your work is more solid, the defense is just the stage you show. Because all the people present, you are the "expert" who is most familiar with the work in the paper. The rest is to do ppt.

(12) Everyone has a hard-to-read Sutra! Don't complain! No matter what problems you encounter, mentor, team member, funding ... Correct handling, hard work, kindness, happy life!

4. Keep doing three things before going to bed every day

(1) What has been done today, which are related to the subject experiment, are described in a scientific and concise language, recorded, and the experiment that failed is considered to be taken seriously and to find out the cause.

(2) think well and arrange for the experiment to be done tomorrow, do not have to prepare again tomorrow.

(3) The first two things do not do well, do not sleep. In this way, persist in doing, will certainly progress quickly.

5. Recommendation (1) to be down-to-earth, but the target cannot be too low. "If you want it, you must ask for it, and you must seek it on it," said the mouth, only to meet the minimum standards set by the school, but the heart must not be limited to this.

(2) Learn to be a man and be a welcome person. This is important for graduate students and directly affects whether someone is willing to work with you, whether someone is helping you (including comments and suggestions, even if the comments and suggestions are incorrect).

(3) To seek the support of the boss is very important, every step of graduation to the boss to sign and identify. Communicate with your boss more, especially when the boss is in a good mood. If he doesn't help you much, you have to communicate with him more, at least to make him less likely to exert a force on you in the opposite direction.

(4) graduate students and mentors may be born to be a pair of contradictory bodies. Sometimes it is difficult to say who is wrong, to think more, their own judgment of the mentor for learning, perhaps the elder sister-in-school told you the "Whisper" with their own emotional color.

(5) If there is a chance, be sure to go out to an academic conference during the postgraduate period; for doctoral students, it is advisable to make an oral presentation of the meeting. Maybe attending a meeting doesn't improve you a lot (or you can't learn any academic knowledge), but you have a good workout on many aspects of your abilities, and you can get to know some of your peers in related fields.

(6) Be open-minded. Don't just listen to good words, listen to compliments! Postgraduate listening to a number of criticisms of your work will benefit you later in the work, though frankness.

(7) Some people want to get two fish out of the boss, some people want to use the owner of the nets to catch two fish to leave, you'd better borrow the boss conditions, learn to weave the appropriate nets fishing. It's painful, but you have a different future when you graduate.

(8) If your boss is right for you, don't disappoint him! If you meet a boss who is not happy, try not to complain, this does not help solve the problem. More communication, more support, win more support, let the boss have confidence in you, see the meaning of your work.

(9) If you are doing a new project, quickly in your specific research direction (subject) rise, as soon as possible in this direction beyond the boss, which is conducive to you to talk to the boss behind. If you are a doctoral student, graduate in your specific research direction is not as good as your boss, a little failure!

(10) by improving the strength of the establishment of status, do not learn other people will spend on the treat, gifts, sycophant, play small report on!

6. Other

(1) Do not worship or despise a person who has an idol, but please have your own personality. Do not deliberately imitate a person, because you are you, is unique, unique, to have confidence. Also do not negate a person, everyone is valuable, if you can not understand him, also please learn to accept.

(2) Don't pay too much money don't complain about yourself now low wages, bank deposit 4 digits below, see the future, now to do is to study hard, even if you higher diploma, how to apply the theory to practice or need a very long exercise process, society is always a most broad university, It allows you to learn far more than you learned in school, so also, you do not mind too low academic qualifications. 30 years old before the ability to buy a car to buy a house is still very few people.

(3) Learn to forgive parents don't think they nag, wait for you to be a father you know poor parents heart, in their eyes you are still a child, but they are really old, now you have to coax them happy, perhaps as long as one of your phone, a little gift, you can make them feel at ease, easy to do.

(4) To make friends and friends on your life have a significant impact, do not go to meet too many fair, at least have a friend who can help you at the critical moment, if you meet such a person, take a good grasp, will certainly be useful in the future, whether he is rich or poor.

(5) Do not indulge in anything so-called plaything and bereavement, online games you play before the gate, you now have no spare time and energy to spend on it, otherwise you will have to repay the overdraft. A person should have interests, hobbies, but please clarify the severity of the.

(6) Young do not fail to meet setbacks and discouraged, young people should always maintain a positive attitude. Fail, do it again, lose, and fight for something else. Missed, to analyze, next time, to grasp; naïve, next mature point. It doesn't matter, will be good, even to the extreme, do not give up, I believe it will be able to survive. Don't be negative, it'll be OK. Once the mistake, passed, always can not aftertaste in the past. Now, very good, exhausted, very comfortable. Do not hurt, there will always be someone to support you.

(7) Be responsible, no matter what you have done, but please be a righteous man from now on. A man must have a sense of responsibility, whether it is work or life, a responsible person can make others feel safe, can let others think you are a trustworthy person. We do not want to be cowardly, but please do not hurt the person who loves you and the person you love, especially the kind girl, because this world kind girl is not many, even if do not want to have, but also please let her keep her beautiful heart.

(8) Men's appearance is not important do not for their appearance height and worry too much, a good-hearted, upright men than those who have handsome appearance, upright figure but the inner nasty man to be much more handsome. If someone looks at a person's appearance, please don't care too much, because you don't have to be sad for someone who is vulgar.

(9) Learn to protect the body don't think that smoking and drinking, staying up all night is nothing, it is because your body is in the prime time of your life. After 30 years old you can understand the meaning of the word, the body is the capital of revolution, no good body can do nothing, so try to let yourself live a regular healthy life.

(10) Don't feel like nothing. You are not qualified to talk about success now, unless you have tens of millions of assets. A career that is too fixed at first is not necessarily a good thing, and perhaps you will learn a lot more from the constant change, and you can tap into your potential to find the job that best suits you.

(11) Please work hard even if you work now how boring and how low, also ask you to take seriously, to know that any successful people are from the smallest thing to do, perhaps you can not learn how great knowledge, but at least you have to learn good working attitude and working methods, which is very important later.

(12) Please take the feelings seriously do not envy those who change a woman like shoes for the Playboy, love is just let you waste time wasted energy, a person is the most painful not to find a lover, but the heart without love, when you put me love you 3 words into your most easy to say a word, Then you are in the world of love is hard to find the real happiness. Love is not fair, there is always a person than the other side to pay more, even if there is no result, do not feel unworthy, because your pay is not only for her, but also for your own love, pay for love is very valuable, praise yourself a bit.

(13) Please leave a little childlike heart deep inside, even if just a small corner, please maintain a childlike innocence, not naïve, but sometimes simple will make you very happy. So don't be too fussy about the gains and losses, life is not perfect.

A Chinese graduate tutor's heartfelt words (mainly applied to science and engineering)

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