A classic jQuery kxbdMarquee seamless rolling plug-in, jquerykxbdmarquee

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A classic jQuery kxbdMarquee seamless rolling plug-in, jquerykxbdmarquee

<Marquee> it was once a unique tab of IE for the effect of riding lights. other browsers are not compatible, so there is a plug-in that uses JavaScript to simulate the effect.

  • Version:
  • JQuery v1.3.2 +

Online instance

Instance preview kxbdMarquee simulation Marquee seamless scrolling

How to load JavaScript files
  1. <script src="jquery.js"></script> 
  2. <script src="jquery.kxbdmarquee.js"></script> 
Copy CSS styles
  1. /** 
  2. * The parent container needs to be set to overflow hidden.
  3. * For horizontal scrolling, the project needs to be floating
  4.  */ 
  5. #element_id{overflow:hidden;} 
  6. #element_id ul li{float:left;} 
Copy the DOM Structure
  1. <div id="element_id"> 
  2.   <ul> 
  3.     <li>...</li> 
  4.     <li>...</li> 
  5.     <li>...</li> 
  6.   </ul> 
  7. </div>
Copy JavaScript call Method
  1. $ ('# Element_id'). kxbdMarquee ();
Copy parameter description
Name Default Value Description
Direction "Left" Scroll direction. Can be set to: "left", "right", "up", "down"
IsEqual True Whether the length and width of all scrolling elements are equal. Optional values: true and false.
Loop 0 Number of times of loop scrolling. 0 indicates an infinite loop.
ScrollAmount 1 Step Size (px)
ScrollDelay 20 Duration (MS)


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