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Abstract: developing a website promotion plan is also a website promotion strategy. The promotion plan is not only a promotion action guide, but also a measure of whether the promotion effect meets the expected objectives. The website promotion plan should include at least three basic content: the stage objectives of website promotion; the website promotion methods adopted at different stages of website publishing and operation; control and effect evaluation of website promotion policies.

A website promotion plan is part of an online marketing plan. Developing a website promotion plan is also a website promotion strategy. The promotion plan is not only a promotion action guide, but also a measure of whether the promotion effect meets the expected objectives, A reasonable website promotion plan becomes an essential part of the website promotion strategy. The online marketing plan contains many content, such as the functions, content, business model, and operation strategies of the website. A good online marketing plan should be completed before the website is officially created, and provides overall guidance for actual operations. Website promotion plans should also be completed in the website policy phase, or even the website promotion can be started in the website construction phase.

Compared with the complete network marketing plan, the website promotion plan is relatively simple, but more specific. Generally, a website promotion plan should include at least the following main content:

1. Determine the stage objectives of website promotion. For example, within one year after the release, the number of independent users per day, the relative ranking compared with competitors, the performance in the main search engines, the number of websites connected, and the number of registered users are achieved.
2. website promotion methods adopted at different stages of website publishing and operation. If possible, it is best to list the specific website promotion methods for each stage in detail, such as the name of the search engine, the main form of online advertising and media selection, and the cost to be invested.
3. Control and effect evaluation of website promotion policies. Such as the control of stage Promotion objectives and promotion effect evaluation indicators. The purpose of controlling and evaluating the website promotion plan is to promptly discover problems in the network marketing process and ensure the smooth development of network marketing activities.

The following describes the main content of the website promotion plan in the form of a case. In actual work, because of the different situations of each website, it is not necessary to copy these steps and methods, but as a reference.

Case: promotion plan of a website (Simplified Version)

Here, we divide the first promotion year of a website into four stages, each of which is about three months: Website planning and construction, initial website release, website growth, and website stability. A company produces and sells tourist souvenirs. Therefore, it establishes a website to promote the company's products and has the function of placing orders online.

The promotion plan developed by the website mainly includes the following content:

1. website promotion goals: 2000 independent users and 10000 registered users will be visited one year after the website is released;
2. Website planning and construction phase promotion: Preparations for promotion started before the official launch of the website, optimize the design of search engines such as Google and Baidu in terms of website structure and content during website construction;
3. Basic promotion methods at the early stage of website release: log on to 10 major search engines and category directories (list the list of websites to be logged on) purchase 2-3 real-name/general-purpose Web sites and establish website links with some partners. In addition, in concert with other marketing activities of the company, enterprise news is published on some media and industry websites.
4. Website growth promotion: When a website has a certain amount of traffic, in order to continue to increase the website traffic and improve the brand, advertising online advertisements (including website and topic selection and advertisement form) on websites of relevant industries, advertising in a number of related professional electronic publications, and Resource Exchange with some partners;
5. Promotion of stable websites: in combination with the company's new product promotions, online discount coupons are occasionally sent; Participation in ranking and evaluation activities in the industry in order to obtain news value; when conditions are ripe, build a neutral industry information website related to enterprise core products for secondary promotion.
6. Evaluation of promotion effect: track the effectiveness of promotion measures for major websites, conduct regular website traffic statistics and analysis, and cooperate with professional network advisory institutions to conduct online marketing diagnosis if necessary, improve or remove ineffective promotion methods, and increase the proportion of investment in effective promotion strategies.

This case is not a complete website promotion plan. It only lists some important promotion content in general. However, from this simple website promotion plan, we can still draw several basic conclusions:

First, developing a website promotion plan is helpful for targeting the website promotion work and carrying out the work in a step-by-step manner to avoid important omissions.

Second, website promotion started before the official launch of the website, especially for the optimization of search engines. In the website design stage, the promotion needs should be taken into account, and make necessary optimization designs.

Third, the basic method of website promotion is applicable to most websites, that is, the so-called general website promotion method. A website usually needs to be promoted in the construction phase and early stage of its release.

Fourth, different methods need to be used in different stages of website promotion, that is, the website promotion method has the characteristics of stages. Some website promotion methods may be valid for a long time, and some may only apply to a certain stage or be used temporarily. Various website promotion methods are often used in combination.

Fifth, website promotion is one of the content of network marketing, but it is not all about network marketing. At the same time, website promotion is not isolated and should be combined with other online marketing activities.

Sixth, after the website enters the stable period, the promotion should not be stopped. However, because it is difficult to further increase the access volume, some promotion strategies should be adopted, for example, the plan for building an industry information website in the above case.

7. website promotion cannot be conducted blindly, and results must be tracked and controlled. In the website promotion evaluation method, the most important indicator is the website access volume. The changes in access volume basically reflect the effectiveness of website promotion, therefore, the Website access statistical analysis report plays a vital role in the success of website promotion.

The case shows the overall website promotion plan. In addition, it is also necessary to develop a detailed plan for each specific website promotion measure, for example, the search engine Promotion Plan, resource cooperation plan, and online advertisement plan can be more specific and more problems can be prepared in advance to facilitate the control of the website promotion effect. This article outlines these issues and describes the implementation plans of specific website promotion methods. In addition, the complete website promotion plan also contains more details, such as the marketing budget, stage Promotion objectives, and evaluation indicators.

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