A diagram illustrates how EMC and HP products are compared and combined to create a nightmare!

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Online deep analysis of big data: with the announcement of splitting HP into HP enterprise and HP inc., news about the merger of HP enterprise and EMC plans began to spread in the market. Both EMC and Whirlpool have a wide range of enterprise-level product lines. If the two are eventually connected, overlapping storage product lines may cause unimaginable integration nightmares, managers of new companies may spend huge sums of money and energy on product line integration and trade-offs. It is a detailed comparison between EMC and HP enterprise-level main product lines, from which readers may experience the sweetness or sweetness of the twisted melon.

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First, let's take a look at the two companies that have a lot of competition products:

· High-end storage array. EMC Vmax and HP xp7 are directly competing. HP xp7 is an hp oem hds product, people familiar with the matter told Big Data online that HP xp7 is mainly used by Hewlett-Packard to meet the needs of larger regions such as Japan. In other markets, Hewlett-Packard focuses on its 3par1000 series.

· There is a direct competition between EMC vnx and HP 3par 7000 Series in the mid-range storage array. The product architecture of the two is very different, and integration is basically nonsense.

· Full-flash storage array, EMC xtremio and HP 3par 7450 have direct competition. The two have different product architectures and design features. xtremio has been put into the market for nearly a year and has quickly occupied a large market share, HP 3par 7450 is not a hit in the market.

· In the D2d backup field, EMC data domain and avamar compete directly with HP storeonce. EMC data domain and other products have an absolute market position in proprietary backup equipment, HP storeonce is a product created by the HP lab and is in a rising market position. However, there is still a big gap between its shares and EMC.

· Direct competition between EMC Legato and HP Data Protector in backup software.

· Cluster NAS and horizontally scalable file systems. EMC isilon is directly competing with HP storeever. EMC isilon has become the company's rapidly growing product in recent years and has a leading market position in the cluster NAS field.

· Object Storage Service (OSS). EMC atomos and HP storeall also have some market conflicts.

· Integrated systems: VCE/vspex directly competes with HP converged systems. VCE is an independent company jointly established by EMC, Cisco and VMWare to focus on integrated systems, currently, it is a market leader in the integrated infrastructure field. vspex is an integrated system built by EMC into channels, while HP converged systems performs normally in the integrated market.

· Direct competition exists between serversan, EMC scaleio, and hpstorevirtual.

· Content management. EMC Documentum and HP autonomy also have slight business overlaps.

· Big data: EMC pivotal and HP Autonomy/vertica compete in part.

Let's take a look at the small competition between the two companies:

· EMC owns VMWare, the king of server virtualization software, while HP is no. 1 In the X86 server market. The merger of the two companies is conducive to product integration.

· HP does not have rack-scale flash array technology such as emc dssd.

· HP lacks EMC Data Protection Suite)

· HP has been operating tape archiving for many years, such as lto tape libraries. EMC is the leader in the disk backup field.

· HP has a public cloud Helion and has invested heavily in openstack. After the EMC test cloud storage service fails, it has never personally reached the public cloud domain.

· Emcpivotal has comprehensive solutions on the big data and PAAs platforms, while HP only has fragmented products, and HP also invests in hadoop hortonworks.

· EMC's RAS can be used by HP.

· Hewlett-Packard has research on Chip-level areas, such as memory resistors, while EMC is blank.

How can we make good use of VMware at least if we have two mature rice cookers. In terms of the Integration System, the merger will inevitably change the partnership with Cisco in the past. Cisco has stopped investing in VCE. Excluding Cisco products, HP and EMC need to reconsider the selection of storage products and the overall integration system planning in terms of integration systems. It is indeed a headache to think about it.

In addition, in the mid-range storage array, vnx and 3par will be a challenge to test the wisdom of both management teams. In addition, similar situations may be encountered in areas such as D2d backup devices, backup software, and Object Storage. From HP's perspective, some EMC technologies are lagging behind, but it cannot be ignored in terms of marketing and channel.

From the perspective of corporate culture, the two companies seem a little out of place. EMC is a typical marketing-centered and dominant company in the enterprise market. It can develop new and fashionable new ideas at any time and conduct various marketing campaigns with great fanfare. HP, however, is a traditional giant IT company of the old school and lacks flexible market strategies and vigor. In addition, the original management of both parties will compete for the management rights of the new company after the merger. Previously, EMC and Hewlett-Packard held a public hearing for executives David Donatelli.

In general, the merger of HP and EMC will be a massive project. The powerful capital force is a rebirth or nightmare for the two to hold hands. Let's wait and see! (Click the original article link)

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A diagram illustrates how EMC and HP products are compared and combined to create a nightmare!

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