A dog blood thing written over the past few days ..!

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= I am bored when I change the interface of a public cat ....

This semester I am so busy as an idiot for web development. I step by step explored Asp.net mvc3 and helped students write two complete sets, and also helped the teacher write a small thing to say this thing. it's killing me.

In fact, this is what two independent websites tell me when they break through and say that everything they use to participate in the competition is written to the cloud inside... I said that he has never written web programs, and Java has never done anything better than I have never done anything. It's easy. Let's learn JSP together.

When I got the design paper, I suddenly reacted and was fooled!

Later, the teacher gave a solution using the CMS he wrote.

That was a small part of the code written in shop ++ Using SSH. I just re-installed the machine and didn't run the environment. Then I installed myeclipse and MySQL and installed the svn plug-in. A bunch of errors occurred ~ The studio network is slow ~ After doing a good job in the environment, I opened the teacher's cms. I almost collapsed and used ide. I didn't say much about it. I didn't have to do anything about Java. Actually, it's not a problem. Now, the problem is that the teacher and I said that he had a CMS and had time since May 1, so I immediately went to the ticket station and got a train all night. So last Wednesday, we started to review things this Monday. No one on the front desk could read Java. no one engaged in development
Don't say you have never done it. You are not familiar with IDE.

On Thursday, I was overwhelmed by the pressure. at noon, I decided to take the public cat alone. Then I used Asp.net MVC to design the database, and I started the course on the evening of the afternoon.

I didn't dare to tell my teacher that fortunately, he told me what technology he used to use on his server. He didn't even tell me how to explain Thursday. I spent a night writing the background. the simplest thing is that even the syntax is wrong ;; no matter what the background came out in the morning, I dared to overwrite it with the teacher and told me the progress. The teacher agreed to write it and ran home to sleep with peace of mind.

The next step is dog blood. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My nest studio is getting moldy.

The most annoying thing is that when a public cat writes something and doesn't let it get upset, the most annoying thing is that he didn't write a few lines of code and was called by him. Even though the front-end is all about his basic interface I told him all about it. Later I wrote code very slowly, and I had to make up my mind. I still felt bored .. after sitting down for a few minutes, I was pulled to see the interface. Finally, I was told that I was annoying ;; it's really terrible. Why don't you think about it for me?

There is also the most hateful information that is too weak .. the teacher wrote two pieces of paper and wrote something in the navigation bar, and then he did not talk about it himself .. I want to know what these things are going to be written. After a day, another teacher gave me a picture of the head, and I had to write P on my own. Fortunately, the broken graph will show P. Otherwise, my heart would hit the wall. with... now it's just something. No content. You can use it to add content in the background!

Now things are roughly written in rough shape, but they can still be used .......

A few days of dog blood. I have to finish the preliminary review of my graduation project tomorrow. I have to set up my sister's background today.

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