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Simple Multiplication Conversion | Web page to the Web page to simplify the method of font conversion generally have two kinds: one is the use of "Jen Fintong" Such professional software, the other is the production of two versions of the Web page. Obviously, both approaches are cumbersome, and professional software is generally not available for free space. The author here to provide you with a very simple method, only need to add a few lines of code on the page can easily handle the simple Web page conversion.

First in http://www.knowsky.com/download/transform.js Download for the conversion of JS file Transform.js, copied to the Site directory, and then use the Web page production tools to open the need for simple conversion of the page, in the code to add the following code:

<script type= "Text/javascript" language= "JavaScript" src= "Transform.js" ></script>

<script type= "Text/javascript" language= "JavaScript" >

function s2t ()

{document.body.innerhtml = document.body.innerHTML.s2t ();}

function T2s ()

{document.body.innerhtml = Document.body.innerHTML.t2s ();}


Then add a simple link to the appropriate location of the Web page: <a href= "javascript:s2t ()" > Traditional Chinese </a> <a href= "Javascript:t2s ()" > Simplified Chinese </a >

Save the page, click on the "Traditional Chinese" link, the page will become traditional, click "Simplified Chinese" will automatically convert to simplified form, convenient for different users to browse the choice.

Tip: This method is not only applicable to static Web sites can also be used in forums, message boards and other dynamic Web site systems.

Turn from: Dynamic Network production guide www.knowsky.com

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