A few minutes of personalized APP introduction !!, Private custom app Overview

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A few minutes of personalized APP introduction !!, Private custom app Overview
When you go online to Baidu, you will see the following introduction: Self-Media (foreign name: We Media), also known as "citizen Media" or "personal Media ", it refers to the disseminator of private, civilian, General, and autonomous nature. It adopts modern and electronic means, A general term for new media that transmits normative and non-normative information to an unspecified majority or a specific individual. Self-media platforms include: blogs, microblogs, Baidu official posts, forums, BBS, and other online communities.

In the mobile Internet era, the only public platform I know is where self-media endorsements are made. A few days ago, I knew the mysterious special thing "simple web APP Workshop. The "simple web APP Workshop" under the jianwangqi aims to help the public speak out in another way: Do you also want to own your own APP? In just three minutes, the "simple web APP Workshop" allows you to immediately make interactive and manageable self-owned Android/iOS applications, and these are free of charge !!! The simple web APP workshop is a platform for customizing apps. This platform minimizes the learning cost of APP customization. You can simply create an APP in a few steps, it also supports iOS and Android platforms, and supports software updates and maintenance. It is a simple method for individuals and SMEs to customize their own applications.

Next, I will introduce you to a simple process of using the simple network to create an APP.


You need to register an account in the simple network APP workshop. This account can be used to log in directly using Weibo or an account. Now developers are familiar with human nature. Binding accounts to social platforms not only saves users trouble, but also facilitates sharing, this design is very good !!!

Three consecutive steps are the personalized production process:

Then you need to bind your mailbox and remember to fill in the actual mailbox information. In the simple web APP workshop, the mailbox is not used for verification, but is required to continue making the APP. Next, you need to go to your mailbox to pick up the content and use the link in the mailbox to continue the APP production process.

We can perform some simple background management, and of course no code is needed !!

Now, the registration of the simple web APP workshop is complete. Next we will introduce how the APP is made. You have to be prepared, because, APP production is definitely easier than you think.


I made a test APP. android users can download the following QR code and try my APP ~~

There are many other APP production platforms of the same type, such as the WeChat box and the Site APP, a development service platform launched by Baidu... If you are interested, you can study it or contact me ~~

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