A few notes on how to buy and assemble computers for beginners

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a few notes on how to buy and assemble computers for beginners

The following computer assembly network small set for the recent assembly of computer users some installed experience. Interested novice friends can understand!

What is assembling a computer?

Assemble the computer also called DIY save machine, can be in accordance with their own needs of arbitrary accessories, and eventually assembled as a host, the assembly of computers usually have CPU, motherboard, memory, hard disk, optical drive, video card, chassis, power supply, monitor and peripherals (such as cameras, headphones, speakers, keyboard mouse (mouse pad), etc.).

Would you like to assemble a computer?

After you know how to assemble a computer, how about assembling a computer? The biggest advantage of assembling a computer can be based on their own needs to any collocation, such as I am a love to play the game users, then we will go with a good performance of the independent graphics card, if not to play the game, usually on the internet, audio and video so no need to match the independent graphics, This means that the money spent is spent, do not need to be able to save.

Many small white think brand machine is brand, and the group is not the brand, the idea is wrong, the assembly of computers can be selected each of the best brand accessories to match, such as the motherboard I use ASUS, and graphics card I use the shadow, the display I use Samsung's etc. ... Price more than a person! Why the brand machine gradually disappeared in the market, because of expensive, low configuration, I want to buy home in addition to the Internet, Office, audio and video, play games do not think.

Small white buy Assemble the computer attention matters:

For some computer small white, about the purchase of assembly computer attention is more concerned about the topic, the following installed home for you to sum up a few points, I hope that users can help

1. Quality assurance: Purchase assembly computer must choose brand Accessories, only the choice of brand accessories to ensure quality, if the selection of the kitchen accessories, whether it is performance or stability, hardware life is greatly discounted.

2. Suitable for themselves: according to their own needs with the computer configuration, not all of them do not deserve, such as optical drive, usually do not put the CD-ROM can not be used, do not play the game does not match the independent graphics card, ordinary office words on the low-end of the computer configuration can be, so that

3. Understand configuration: Go to the computer city to buy the assembly computer, must first look up a computer online configuration list, to understand the approximate price of each accessory, take this assembly computer Configuration list to find the computer City business quotes, conditions can be printed out. If you need the latest computer configuration can be found in the computer Pepsi network "Computer Configuration" section.

4. Price comparison: The current price has been transparent, compare is not unreasonable, whether it is installed users or businesses are fine, you will be compare, businesses will also report losses, if agreed and paid a deposit, the merchant will try to change the way to talk about good accessories, In general, you check on the Internet accessories prices if the price of the same as the merchant quotes can start, in short, appropriate to the merchant a reasonable profit space, do not think not to make a dime for the business, then what parallel, fake all to you, and you do not understand!

5. Installation process: The assembly of computers must be installed in person, the chassis can go back line, let merchants give you a back line, this will make the inside of the chassis more tidy, better heat dissipation. Partition to do the system, let the merchant to the hard disk 4K alignment, install the pure version of the system, and all the drivers. After installation, let the merchant install a master to detect whether for you to talk about the computer accessories, by the way run a point try. The monitor lets the merchant take out to try, uses the guru to test the monitor screen to have the dark spot, the bright spot and so on.

6. After-sale protection: after-sale protection is the most important thing to buy and assemble a computer, good after-sales service can guarantee the rights and interests of consumers, in the event of any failure to enjoy free warranty, so that businesses provide a computer with a list of the quality of the warranty card, and indicate the free warranty time, and stamped with the official seal, it is best to let merchants hand-written " Guarantee Genuine Brand new "words, open a good receipt, by the way with a business card, any computer problems can be timely contact with the business.

It is worth mentioning is that today, regardless of DIY stores are a lot of profiteers, special pit computer small white, in the purchase of DIY computer, finally brought some computer experts to avoid being pits.

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