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Millions of of the input, in return is only a domain name, this money in the end spend the value of it? Some experts raised the question, six rooms all of a sudden took out millions of dollars to buy a domain name, some of the fuss, and even "burning money" suspicion.

"August 6, 6.cn domain name switch, six room of the flow of a full increase of one times, this gave us a grain of reassurance, the outside has been questioned spending millions of dollars to buy domain name is a waste of the argument can also plug the mouth." "August 11, just a little emotional stability from the scramble for domain names," said the six-room CEO Liu Yan in an interview with the China Economic Times, "This makes me feel the first time the internet is dangerous, like a roller coaster, fortunately: we landed safely." ”

A week in the Internet circle of the uproar of the domestic well-known video sharing site six rooms to buy 6.cn domain name, finally on August 6, the Terminator. 6.cn domain name also officially as six room official domain name on-line.

The quarrel of the princes

August 1, a website exposed a news: video site six rooms confirmed to purchase a single digital domain name 6.cn, the price in millions. Anecdotal rumours have escalated, even once, that six rooms have spent 5 million yuan on 6.cn to buy from a third party.

5 million buy a domain name? The six rooms were pushed to the crater as the protagonist of the questioning. August 6, Liu Yan official said to the media, six rooms have won the 6.cn domain name, while the purchase of 6.com.cn.

Although it is a simple domain name transactions, but the back of the millions of yuan to affect the money. The whole bidding process is a one-to-one confidential, halfway to kill a number of "Cheng Bite gold" Once let the value of the price has been hundreds of thousands of rising. It is reported that some of the top five video sites are also added to the auction game. Some people in the industry speculate that domestic video site is nothing more than Tudou, Youku, Yau View and so on, but competitors participate in bidding, but also play the role of "sniper", the purpose is to 6.cn the price of the domain name to a high, so that already potential in the six room to spend a large sum of money.

The six-room purchase of 6.cn domain names has been kept secret for a while, but August 1 's "leaks" broke the original plan to ripen the deal that was scheduled to be announced a week later, a person familiar with the matter said. In the media for the 6.cn Domain report heating up the critical juncture, in order to prevent the intermediate link on the variable, six rooms quickly finalized the business. But trading prices are still a mystery.

Price Puzzle

August 18, the reporter called Liu Yan, trying to ask 6.cn domain name in the end value geometry, he told reporters: "Really can not disclose the price, in the beginning of the ' wind leaked ', the domain name seller to my phone is quickly exploded, and repeatedly stressed that can not disclose prices." But the price is more than million yuan. ”

However, in the reporter and familiar with the domain name trading experts in Shenyang asked prices, he said there may be no outside rumors so outrageous, there may be some moisture, but 2005 years, Google used 1 million of billions of dollars to buy back the name of the CN domain name google.com.cn and google.cn domain names, although not too much comparability between, but at least to provide a certain reference.

Millions of of the input, in return is only a 6.cn domain name, this money in the end spend the value of it? Some experts questioned that this year's video-sharing site heating up, venture capital is generous, tens of millions of of billions of dollars in investment into the field of video, six rooms all of a sudden out of millions of dollars to buy a domain name, a little bit of a fuss, and even "burning money" suspicion.

More good people think: 6.cn domain name itself belongs to six room executive layer, but is left hand inverted right hand trick, do not rule out is want to speculate some. For the latter taunt, six room CEO Liu Yan to this argument, "we are not boring to that degree, and if 6.cn domain name is already six rooms, why do we still have to compromise to use the domain name of 6rooms.com?" "And for the" burning money "accusation, Liu Yan don't care, whether" burning money "is not important, it is important to see whether the money is spent.

China's unique

In fact, in this case, there is another saying: six rooms in the purchase of 6.cn domain name is a pat forehead decision-making. The above insiders revealed that, in fact, six rooms have been tracking the domain name for more than half a year, has been contacted, but whether it should spend a large price to buy this domain name, the company's top level has been different views. But at an in-house meeting at the end of July, Liu Yan was determined to buy 6.cn domain names and agreed with other management that the deal began to accelerate.

However, after the purchase came a strange thing, said insiders, in the process of domain name conversion occurred in a small episode, but also a fatal threat, Microsoft's IE browser did not recognize the domain name, that is, after the input 6.cn, IE considered illegal domain name characters.

Fortunately, after the negotiation with Microsoft, finally through the technology jump curve way to achieve normal access. But compared to the regular domain name resolution, the 6.cn domain name parsing efficiency may be lower, but does not affect the user's access.

In this respect, domain name expert Shenyang told reporters that in the international ICANN domain Name System Management, a single number of domain name is limited to protect, is not open to the outside world registration. such as 6.com, 6.net and other domain names do not exist. But China tends to pay more attention to sensitive terms such as politics, and a single figure is not considered in the field of domain protection. It is this unique nature of China that may make such a scarce domain name price rise.

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