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How many programs does a web designer use every day? Chris coyier, author of this article
A web designer who lives in Portland, in the United States, has a very full schedule, working from AM to AM. The following is a list of programs he uses every day, of course, he does not use these programs in order. These programs are used in parallel in his work.

6: 00 am Gmail

I don't need Gmail. It's my to do list.


6: 01 am adium

The IM tools used by the author are adium and iChat. The translator prefers Skype himself. However, Skype is not widely used in China. It is too difficult to use MSN, but QQ is just lively. However, QQ is the mainstream in China, although we hate this tool.

6: 10 am are my sites up

When checking the email, check my sites up to see if my website and server are down?

6: 20 am Wufoo

At the same time of receiving emails, the notifications sent through the Wufoo form program will also come. The author designs a large number of forms with Wufoo every day. The forms designed by Wufoo can send feedback directly to emails. The translator prefers polldaddy.

6: 35 AM things

Use things to schedule the work plan and schedule. As for the plan and schedule, the translator himself thinks it is best to use Notepad. the human brain has a strong generalization ability. What you have to do recently has a very accurate outline in your brain, but the details depend on notepad.

7: 10 am CoDA

For web design, Apple cannot be used. Therefore, the author uses coda as the design and editing tool. Of course, CoDA is really useful. Notepad ++ is the preferred choice for translators.

7: 27 am Photoshop

The author has a full set of Creative Suite, but it is actually useful in Photoshop. It is also used to do something very simple in real time.

8: 01 am Firefox

The site designed by the author is first displayed in Firefox and then tested in all other browsers.

9: 19 Am firebug

Firefox is easy to use, but Safari is not a problem, but there is no firebug in safari. It is hard to imagine writing html/CSS/JavaScript without firebug.

9: 50 am skitch

Skitch is an interesting tool to share screens with others at work.

10: 07 am mailchimp

This program helps my customers process the mail list. Sometimes, sendloop is also used.

10: 32 am Google Reader

I am not a machine and need to take a break. Sometimes, my rest is to stay away from my computer. Sometimes, I open Google Reader to read web industry articles.

10: 34 AM iTunes

At work, some areas with a lot of brains need to be quiet, and some places can listen to music again. The translator's own experience is that if a person is involved in a place where words and languages are involved, listening to music will be distracted, while logical thinking, programming, and graphic design can drive music. Of course, this varies from person to person.

Am VMWare Fusion
& Windows

I use fusion to run Windows on an Apple computer, and the only purpose of running Windows is to run the following program.

12: 37 PM ietester

Used to test all major ie versions.

1: 01 pm iPhone Simulator

To check whether a site can be properly displayed on the iPhone, I use the iPhone simulator in the iPhone SDK.

1: 30 pm fontexplorer x pro

Manage My fonts.

1: 44 PM WordPress

I moved almost all my work and personal sites to Wordpress. It is easy to use a unified publishing platform.

2: 11 pm Microsoft Office

Apple pages
And numbers
Very easy to use, but in actual work, you cannot avoid office. Sometimes, when you need to work collaboratively, I use Google Docs
But cannot replace office.

3: 05 PM freshbooks

At the end of a job, freshbooks can handle it when the money is collected.

4: 07 pm buysellads

In the evening, I can handle my own projects, such as CSS-tricks. These projects will use buysellads to manage advertisement deployment.

5: 30 pm iCal

For those very distant future projects, I use ical to manage the calendar, and daily management is useless.

PM Google Analytics

I used to be fascinated by web traffic analysis, but now I cannot. Google Analytics is very useful and sometimes uses mint.
But prefer free Google Analytics.

10: 04 PM Tweetie

A Twitter client.

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