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Learn basic knowledge and be a good network administrator
In accordance with the principle of proximity, after graduation I in a state-owned enterprises as a network administrator. The enterprise is not big, the machine also is about 500~600 Taiwan, the area is not big, also 700~800 square or so, the building is not many, also 6~7 building. Network management is a good career. Think about it, as long as you start to design the network, do a good job, thoughtful point, then you do not drink tea every day, read the newspaper, to the beginning of the month to take the wages of the man? But, actually, we're not as busy as you think. Let's talk about the knowledge that network management needs first.
As a network administrator, you must first know what the network is. In fact, the network is a system, is a use of communication equipment and lines will be geographically different, independent functions of multiple computer systems interconnected to a full-featured network software (i.e. network communication protocol, information Exchange Mode and network operating system, etc.) to achieve the network resource sharing and information transmission system. The function of the network is mainly expressed in two aspects: one is to realize the sharing of hardware resources and software resources, and the other is to allow users to exchange information through this network. And we network management for this part of the need to do is to provide more, better service to users, so that users can improve work efficiency through the network!
If you are going to be a network administrator, I suggest you study the following knowledge:
1, what is the topological structure of the network? The topological structure is divided into bus type, star type, ring type, net, etc., what is the meaning of each kind? How do you build it?
2, the basic configuration method of the network of various protocols? For example, TCP/IP, AppleTalk and other protocols network.
3, to be familiar with a variety of common network products, such as servers, workstations (including terminals), switches, firewalls and so on. The most basic, you should master the installation, debugging methods, the maintenance of the latter is also a compulsory network management lesson.
OK, now tell me something about my specific job. In general, the work of network management has three aspects: networking construction, network maintenance and network services. For example, just start the Enterprise network Building (network topology structure, the choice of physical hardware and network protocol; then the construction of network resources (Enterprise Post Office construction, enterprise website, Enterprise FTP site, BBS platform and VPN network), or network hardware, software upgrades. Of course, it also includes the need for daily network fault detection and maintenance (including hardware and software), Network security protection and management.
From here you can also understand that to be a network management, some basic knowledge of the Internet is not enough. More importantly, perseverance and unyielding spirit, the courage to forge ahead in the face of difficulties. There are in the usual bit by bit in the continuous accumulation of network problems to solve the experience.
The growth experience of a qualified network administrator
With the rapid development of information process, the establishment of network has become the only way for every modern enterprise. In China, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the use of the magic of the network is still very limited, the reason is mainly because in these enterprises lack of complete management ideas and control the management ability of the network administrator.
The author from a network of ignorant computer operators to grow into a Microsoft Certified Network engineers The real process for the blueprint, combined with their years of work and learning experience, and you share a network administrator's growth experience, I hope to be a friend to become network management help.
Scope of work
The work of the network administrator, simply speaking, is dedicated to the entire network of users to provide services. Of course, the network administrator also has a different division of labor, in large companies and network environment This division is very clear, such as a design planning network, have management network security ... Very systematic, also very professional, to achieve such a height, need to have in-depth theoretical basis and rich practical experience as a guarantee.
However, in a relatively small network environment, the network administrator is responsible for the things from the design planning network, building networks, Management Servers, to buy network equipment and other things related to the network, often as a "universal person" to use. So the challenge of doing this is great, and it's up to you to grow. If you can continue to do it, and seize the time to continuously add new knowledge, eventually can reach the peak of network management, become a network master.
How to get Started
In the face of so much work, we must first prioritize. The first step is to start with the understanding of the operating system, because most of the time we are dealing with a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS are needed. Understanding the theoretical knowledge of these operating systems and operating methods is not enough, we must also have the ability to solve problems. This requires a strong operational ability and clear ideas, you can go to the Internet to see the article on the discussion area, more hands-on handling of practical problems. Solve problems not only to know the way to solve, but also to learn to find the cause of the problem.
A sledgehammer.
Next, we can start from the management of a 5-computer department network, the basic knowledge of the network, this time you can attend some certification courses, recommended to participate in MCSE certification training, it will give you a deeper understanding of the operating system and network knowledge. It should be noted that the understanding of nouns is only a part of the knowledge required, it is important to use this knowledge in practice, the actual operation of a network administrator is very important.
Next, we need to continue to learn and grow in a larger network environment. A branch network of about 50 computers is appropriate. Here, the machine has become more, the network is also big, 5 of the computer network management experience is far from enough, you learn the knowledge here can get a certain degree of application. You will start to touch new hardware, small network planning and design, network structure optimization and new network services to build and manage technology, and to manage each computer users, and how to ensure that the company confidential documents will not leak, how to ensure the security and good operation of the server , how to implement the relatively advanced network services, such as mail communication, is also put on the agenda.
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