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Are familiar with the students, Iron Man 2, the Pacific Rim, the juvenile fantasy drift, cloud, and so on, almost all of Hollywood classic blockbuster, style diversity, change thousands, but no one is Seiko agents, directed at the film's name, also must come to feel.

  Gone Girl

The official website of Gone Girl, The Lost Lover (2014), is a "secret river" that retains the secrets of every visitor who dares not tell their partner. They are voices, or words (and can also be Chinese), which have doubts about love, about sex, about sex, and so on.

  Life of Pi

Life of Pi "Juvenile Fantasy Drift (2012)" is the background of the official website of the whole video, the circulation of the young Xiongqi film in a beautiful film picture.

  Iron Man2

Iron Man2 "Iron Man 2 (2010)" of the official website now seems to make people's mind surging, metal texture with the sci-fi scene, heroic spirit.

  Killing Them softly

Killing Them softly "gentle Killing (2012)" of the official website let people see the main characters and their classic lines, meticulous side navigation bar is also very interesting.

  Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby's official website of The Great Gatsby (2013) has no fancy effect, as in the retro version of the movie. But the design of the font and the border is very exquisite.

  The Girl with Dragon tattoo

The website of the Girl with Dragon Tatton "Dragon Tattoo Girl (2011)" Has a dark girl's meticulous sense, irregular navigation bar, not uniform font, very special.

  Pacific Rim

Open Pacific Rim Pacific (2013) 's official website, you will see a horizontal scrolling picture "display window", impressive.

Clouds Altas

Clouds Altas "cloud Picture (2012)" of the official website creative is a constantly cracked mirror, layers of peeling off the mirror appeared in the "cloud" story of the generation of characters.

  Silent Hill

The official website of Silent Hill's Silent Ridge (2012) shows the effect of 3D, and as the user acts on the page, the different layers on it will react in an unsynchronized response, which is fascinating.


Interstellar "Interstellar Crossing (2014)" of the official website and the above excellent Web page, there is a very exquisite add-in design, it uses the sky scene-many scattered white stars, and finally in the successful loading of white stars gathered together, into a guide to the white light of the picture.

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