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I used to write a letter to you, just like a thousand pounds. You will be 14 years old next month. I never know that 14 years old is also a step of life. My mother and I joined the army at the age of fifteen. Your grandfather joined the army at the age of sixteen, because the Japanese came to fight and snatch. Your grandfather was lucky when he was sixteen, because he was poor. School is a class, and life is also a class. You learn in the classroom, and we learn in our life. There is no same leaf in the world, and there is no same journey of life. At this age, some people became prime minister, such as Garo; some suffered from distress, such as Pan Xiao; some sacrificed, such as Liu Hulan; some entered labor camps, such as juvenile offenders.

Frankly speaking, I appreciate you, just like a work. Even if there is no kinship: I will still appreciate you, because you have a lot of flash. Your greatest characteristic is kindness. This kind of kindness is inherent. The heart is like a sea, the world is burning, and your heart is a pure land. You are full of love for nature. When you were a child in Shanghai, you were only four years old. There was a video clip on TV. You said to me, "The tree hurts !" You respect all life, even a trivial life. There are moths flying in the house. I often beat them. You always say, "They are also life ." When you were a child, you saw a report: marine animals dropped sharply, and you never eat seafood again until today. You said, "I can eat fish, but don't eat it to protect marine life ." I often ask myself: Do the child have Buddha in his heart? It's no wonder that when you were in Talsi, Qinghai, the lamps rushed to see you and said there was a buddha on your head. Yes is better than no. As you can see, forests are cut down. After two hundred years, there is only one tree left in the world. When animals are slaughtered, Chinese people can eat anything. I once told you the story of Yuan Chonghuan. When a live lobster is taken to the table, its eyes are blurred, and its beard is trembling, I thought: Isn't this the late yuan supervisor? I also refused to eat raw lobster. You are our children. We nurture you, teach you, and, in turn, are taught by your actions. In a certain test, you have made a wrong question. If you want to explain the correct answer to the same table at will, but if you don't change it, you just need to hand it in. Aunt Ning said, "You are stupid !" I was very tired that day and had a phone call. I said to my aunt, "I am not here ." Then I am ashamed. Isn't that a lie? At this point, I am not even as good as you.

Another advantage is that you have a civilian mind. Some people may disagree with this, but I cherish it. Civilian ideology is the most important soul of modernization and modern politics. We lack the idea of civilians. We say equality is the most unequal in our bones. I once said that people in a city are sheep and wolves in front of wolves. This is actually an inequality. This has been the case since ancient times: when others are powerful, they will be able to entertain each other in an flattering manner. When you are strong, you can treat yourself with the help of others. My family is a very common home, but your mom's home is different, and you grow up in this family. You do not live in the hutong, but your favorite place is the hutong. If you take the hutong knowledge, you will definitely win the championship. If you have lived in Beijing for 40 years, you are not as familiar with hutong as you have lived in Beijing for 14 years. Every Sunday, I always walk you through the Hutongs. How much interest do you have in the mottled doors, old courtyards, and broken brick walls. When you are in elementary school, you don't ride a bike. You never let the car close to the school gate. When you pick you up, you must stop in the distance. You slide quietly over the wall, it seems that I am at a loss. When I was in elementary school, I always liked to rank more than my classmates. Grandpa is a lieutenant colonel. I boast that it is a colonel. Once my grandfather came to school, I revealed it. You are not interested in the home and other things on the home. Your interest lies in where cultural relics are destroyed today and where they are contaminated tomorrow. A street event. An uncle threw the waste paper to the ground, and you picked it up and threw it into the waste bin.
After 14 S, we will go to 18 S; after 18 s, we will go to 30 s; after thirty S, we will see a thousand miles of rivers. You are you, you are not others, first do yourself, then others. Some parents want their children to do this, but they actually look for themselves in the strings. We have no requirements for you, only hope.

I. Have a broad mind. The sky is bigger than the sky. Grandpa Deng Xiaoping is the greatest man closest to you. He is as broad as a celestial body. Some people don't get up once, but they stood up three times and finally laughed at the end. Chairman Mao's victory lies in The Strategy, while Deng Xiaoping's victory is open-minded. He can afford it, like a tea table. You are usually lightweight. When I was a child, someone criticized me for a long time. Before the test, you are near the enemy; if the test fails, you are always anxious. When I took you abroad and took photos, you always asked, "Do people think I'm taking a fake photo in World Park ?" Sometimes the answer to the question is the same as that of my classmates, but I suspect that I copied my classmates? You say you love things, but don't tell us what you want. The idea will ferment, the more difficult the mind is, but the more it must be, otherwise you will not be able to Nirvana. Remember: open-minded and open-minded. My tips are: starting with life, we must cherish life and never take it too seriously. Life is a type of leakage, life is a type of roar, and life is also a type of whether or not. What do a person be afraid of even death? When I was a child, I had a fishbone in my throat. I felt like I was dying. One morning, an old man fell down on the road next to the school and was killed by a horse and urine. I suddenly felt that people's lives were so fragile, and the strange thing was that I was suddenly unafraid. What are the comments among students? What is criticism? There are no enemies in this world, but only those who cannot beat themselves. Only by conquering oneself can people conquer the world.

2. You must have a strong will. You are very smart, but have little Will. Compared with average children, you have a strong will, but it is not enough to compare with your upcoming career. If you say you don't want to drink cola, you don't need to drink any more. After the test, I vowed not to play the game machine, but I often couldn't help it. That is to say, small things are acceptable, medium things are not enough, and major things are not enough. In this regard, my parents have a responsibility. I especially have a responsibility. In my bones, I don't want to make you suffer, or even hate you. I always want to create conditions for you, which is also a disguised form of retrieving myself from a child. Smart is a kind of wealth, and Will is a greater wealth. Smart people do things, and strong people do things. The most difficult thing to fight is the last three minutes. Sun yuqing, chief of the red 9 army Army who had a revolutionary relationship with his grandfather, was only 26 years old at the sacrifice in the Hexi Corridor. His wife was a Red Army female and was pregnant. He was still married to a young wife by Ma zheng. She escaped to the south to raise her children. After liberation, he suffered another 30 years of unfair treatment. She tried to die several times, but she had to raise her husband's bone blood to survive. How strong will a woman needs to be in this situation. Finally. In the year before, she was reversed. She took her 60-year-old son to the martyrs cemetery in the Hexi Corridor to visit her husband. In the photo, Sun yuqing was handsome and young, and she, even her son, was skinny. She caressed her husband's frame and cried, "I have come to see you today. Your son is old ......" I watched TV with you. At that time, my tears couldn't stop flowing down. I shed tears for this strong woman's will. Children must stick to it. The more you cannot stick to it, the more you must stick to it. Dark before dawn. The greatest despair before victory. The greatest obstacle before success. Hold on, and you will see the dawn, victory, and success.

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