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XPS is a set of credit card business process processing system developed for a domestic joint-stock Commercial bank in 2012, based on the company's Workbench 2.0 framework. The so-called Workbench 2.0, the actual 2009 I Workbench 1.0 in the company based on the underlying open source framework to update the relatively new version, such as spring 3.x,struts 2.x,hibernate 3.x. The main improvement of 2.0 is the use of annotation technology to achieve zero configuration, in order to achieve a significant reduction in development workload, on the other hand, the 1.0 use of a self-developed MVC framework, replaced by the more mature struts, to reduce the development difficulty. In fact Workbench 2.0 at design time, I had advocated to replace the key workflow engine from OS workflow with the more advanced jbpm, but because the project manager who hosted the project was shelved for the time being, it ended up in the 2012-year XPS project bidding, Found that Workbench 2.0 built-in Workflow engine OS workflow did not meet customer requirements, and then temporarily replaced with Activitis, the subsequent implementation of the project poses a great challenge.

The so-called Workbench 1.0, is about from 2004 onwards, the company's several senior credit card industry product managers, based on their years of experience in the industry designed a case-centric, the queue jumps into the main processing mode of the credit card peripheral system of the general platform.

The starting point of the design of the platform is "small core, large periphery" as the main idea. I have to say that it was quite forward-looking at the time. To know that even in the 2014-2015 today, there are many people in the industry cling to the core of the concept of not letting go. So it can be said that the original Workbench general case processing platform concept of predecessors, indeed there is a comprehensive consideration, only a pity 10 years later today, Workbench still difficult to say is a very mature platform.

After basic molding, the framework was first used for the development of a credit card application system product within the company. I was only involved in the development of the product infrastructure, into the specific business implementation phase, just in the south of a bank project started, I went to the customer live with the project.

Until 2012, the company got a new project for the bank, appointed me as the project manager, and decided to use the Workbench 2.0 product prototype to implement the project. It should be said that it is very challenging to implement such a project with the Workbench 2.0来, which has never been tested in the market, especially the core engine of the system-the workflow engine, which was replaced by the OS workflow in the first one months or so before the implementation of activities. Customer requirements for workflow-related functions are also high, so the implementation of the project at that time is indeed very high risk.

Of course, XPS was later on line, and has been recognized by customers, for the customer's business expansion has made a great contribution.

A little bit about XPS (1) The Origin of-xps

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