A little bit of experience on using celery

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It has been used for half a year. Stability nothing to say.

But there was a pit, which I had not noticed before, and recorded it.

Is that a task can be executed asynchronously in parallel. , but how to need celery execution result to make judgment, it will become asynchronous serial.

This should be worth noting.

For example, the following code implementation, the beginning, I use the result of the results of the judgment to update the database, it becomes serial, can only start a worker at a time,

So, after I put the update database into the same deplay function, I can execute it in parallel.

def rsync_dir (Site_Name, App_name, deploy_version): File_path = "/xxx/autodeploy/" + site_name + "/" + App_name + "/" + deploy_version + "/" Src_file_name = File_count_name (file_path) file_name = Os.path.basename (src_fi Le_name) Md5_value = md5sum (src_file_name) DeployPool.objects.filter (name=deploy_version). Update (md5_value=md5_ Value) Subserver_set = SubServer.objects.filter (app_name__name=app_name) for item in Subserver_set:salt_cmd_ Run.delay (Site_Name, App_name, Deploy_version, Item.id, Md5_value, file_name) @celery_app. Task (TIME_LIMIT=360) def Salt_cmd_run (Site_Name, App_name, Deploy_version, subserver_id, Md5_value, file_name): result = "" item = Subserver. Objects.get (id=subserver_id) TGT = item.server_ip.name Op_name = Item.op_name server_env = Item.server_ip.server_ Env Server_sys = Item.server_ip.server_sys if Server_sys = = "WINDOWS": Rsync_to_path = "D:\\va r\\ops\\autodeploy\\%s\\%s\\%s "% (sitE_name, App_name, deploy_version) else:cmd_str = "RSYNC-AVP--block-size=512--timeout=600--checksum--po rt=4505 "+" rsync://1//prism/%s/%s/%s//var/ops/autodeploy/%s/%s/%s/"% (site_name, App_nam E, Deploy_version, Site_Name, app_name, deploy_version) result = Saltapi_inst (server_env). Cmd_run (TGT, CMD_STR) prin            T result, ' ========rsync result=============== ' if "error" not in str (result): if Server_sys = = "LINUX": Tgt_file_name = "/xxx/autodeploy/%s/%s/%s/%s"% (Site_Name, app_name, deploy_version, file_name) cmd = "MD5 Sum%s "% tgt_file_name result = Saltapi_inst (server_env). Cmd_run (TGT, cmd) if md5_value in Str (resu            LT): Item.rsync_status = True item.save () Else:item.rsync_status = False Item.Save () cmd = "chown-r%s/var/ops"% op_name saltapi_inst (server_env). Cmd_run (TGT, CMD)


A little bit of experience on using celery

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