A reflection on the results of code appraisal

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This time the code refactoring contest, our team did not list.
(1) must know the actual needs of the acceptance of the person. On the surface is refactoring the code, actually doing is the demand.
The basis of the business acceptance is simple and easy to find, specifically: all the logic and taskname related operations are extracted, as the output of the factory method
Note: No logical structure, no abstraction levels. Simple, easy to find "
These processing classes, is a processing process, different links, under different conditions of a processing class.
More than 2 business processing classes will be used to complete a process.

(2) A good definition of extensibility.
The business acceptance people think that the extensibility is good: on the previous basis, the TaskName and version as the factory class input, output processing class.
"Note: This extensibility is good, business-level, not code-level." "The other team also used the factory, the only difference was not satisfied (1)

(3) Finally, we must "cover the surface".
To output a nice ppt or Word document.
To put emphasis on the department: Complexity, coverage, CI (in the refactoring process, code how to step by step good "show this has the use of wool?" Do not understand ")

The surface is refactoring code that actually shows something out of the code.
Eldest brother, that leader or user carefully read your code, is to have seen, that know good where, not where. Code good and bad, a matter of opinion

We must first comb out the main points, vitalize.

A reflection on the results of code appraisal

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