A retrospect of the first entry into Kyoto

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Beijing, an urban bustling high-tech industry gathering Place, I also came. For my front-end dream.

The history of the growth of-----little SA


From the moment I entered the software studio in 2012, my life took on a different state from my friends. Think it is very magical, a big one at the end into a software studio, this studio is inspirational, naturally it is called motivational studio. Enter the studio of the first content is the contact training, rookie is rookie, training seniors learn elder sister said what is that Zhang stunned listen, indefinitely, but also listen to so fascinated. At that time the sense of worship, now think is also extremely excited.

The first two weeks in addition to watching the basic video, is that everyone constantly through the Starling typist This software practice typing speed. Boss said: If the speed of typing can not reach 1 minutes to play a page of the article, do not think about learning other things. That's it. We are constantly fulfilling our goals and tasks. Remember that your record is from the beginning of 6 minutes, to 3 minutes, to 2 minutes 20 seconds, to 1 minutes 40 seconds, to 1 minutes 30 seconds, to 1 minutes 15 seconds, and finally to 51 seconds. Such records may be difficult to appear for a long time, hey, but fortunately, now basically kept at about 1 points. It's not worth my while.

Then finally began to learn HTML and CSS, when the boss said you can choose their own direction according to their own time. I didn't hesitate to choose the front end. At that time, it seems that there is no concept of the front end, I know, oh, is to write the page, like a window of the site, can let people take a look, the Internet in the end to provide us with what things.

When I understand the simple code can implement a Web page, based on the curiosity of the sense of worship, let me actively learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, after a period of time as if everyone is talking about the framework or something. So I started learning jquery. During this time followed the team to carry forward business card, inspirational furniture, my movie theater and other projects.


So I slowly opened the front door for myself. And this time, the former seniors learn elder sister walked, and I promoted to become a new session of the head of the studio. The front end just a little bit, but in order to cultivate talent for the studio, so accepted the training of the new members of the responsibility. I lost, I forget the technology is to follow the forward, no progress is a step backwards. During this period, I met the most important in the life of the teacher, Wgz teacher, his technology, his vision, his eyes, as if to demand the people with a bright future. In his recommendation, I began to learn human-computer interaction, however, an undergraduate study of human-computer interaction seems to be a strange thing, however, his support let me feel I can, front-end and human-computer interaction of cross-learning, let me to the latest user experience and have a new understanding. HTML5, CSS3, as if everything is arranged in a class, accept, study, study, explore.

During this period of learning bootstrap, CMS, Java, etc., did 51 part-time network, post (second-hand trading platform), personal homepage and other projects.

There is no time to feel more alive than it is now, to live in earnest.


With the rapid development of mobile Internet, I also started my own new learning from the development of Android, to WebApp, always feel that their learning is really not enough, and indeed there are many things. When I went through GitHub, there were so many good front-end projects. Completely not thinking, learning programming, learning the front-end has become my only wish for the two days, the front-end as my lifelong career I also this is not tired. Coincidentally, my friends and I also founded their own studio-zero coder (http://www.zcoder.com.cn), several people's project team is also a pioneering version of the passion and vitality. In the meantime, we've done a lot of online projects together. There have been hardships, there have been twists and turns. However, everyone has not said tired or anything.

However, the greater the pressure of life, the greater the pressure of the future, the more I think, I chose a great way. A girl, has the support of the parents, has the teacher's lead, has the mentor's guidance, has the predecessor's sponsorship. I have no reason not to live a good life, to strive to achieve my new stage of development.

2014 I entered a very good company, the company culture is like family life and work, we eat together, work together, it is bad time to fight together. It is an already 7, 8 years of history of the financial industry companies, but has a pioneering company's passion and forward-looking. Because in the mobile internet has not generally entered the industry company, it has completed the New Year's website revision, as well as mobile version of the development of the site. And I was fortunate to be exposed to the late development and optimization of the work, but also let me learn a lot of things.

The rapid development of mobile, I saw the changes around. Even Donglin's father, also in the Brush friends circle, watching news, and I video chat. Every time I let my father see what I was doing, he would be very proud to say to others: "I am very happy, this is my child to do." She can feed herself. Yes......


First into high school I originally learned excellent, but because the accident let me inferiority in front of people. The father gave me hope and gave me encouragement. He asked me: What do you want to do later? I said, "be a teacher." He asked: What teacher to be? I said: The primary school teacher, I compare with children's edge. Father did not speak, only said a sentence: What to do in the future is not necessarily, but to think about their true dream. Real dream--I want to have a website that belongs to our family. It records our lives and records my growth and my parents ' elders. Record family changes, and the full House of grandchildren. Oh, I've always had the desire to learn software.

The technologies that have been chasing them over the years have passed and new technologies are emerging. I only hope that my own desire to keep me on this road farther and further. Also hope that they can create a better future.

A retrospect of the first entry into Kyoto

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