A software HCM that monitors server processes written in pyton

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It is easy and convenient to implement using UDP, without three-way handshakes.

1. All servers where server processes are deployed have a proxy hagent to listen to commands sent from the HCM console.


2. the following commands must be provided for HCM:

Start: Process initiation in Normal Mode

Stop: stop the process

Reload: Reload the configuration file.

Resume: start the process in recovery mode (shared memory)

Tail: view the end of the log

Deploy: directly update server files

Rmshm: delete shared memory

Autoresume: Enables and disables automatic pulling of a process.


3. HCM monitors all processes. When a process is found to be absent, it pulls the process as resume and records logs.

4. The web page supports all the preceding commands.

5. the console supports all the preceding commands.

6. Automatic server activation

Detection Environment

Install software

Start Process

7. directly update SVN. You can pull SVN directly to update it to a machine.

8. SVN commit: configure the svncommit function. As long as SVN has files submitted, it will directly update the machine.


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