A SQL that counts past data.

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Today, a friend made a scene: A store's income record table, every day is recorded;

Date Daily income
07/11 100
07/12 102
07/13 103
07/14 101

Now do a statistic that users want to see their own income statistics

Date Daily income
07/11 100
07/12 202
07/13 305
07/14 50W

CREATE TABLE IF  not EXISTS' income ' (' ID ')int( One) not NULL, ' idate ' dateDEFAULT NULL,  ` Money`int( One)DEFAULT NULL,  PRIMARY KEY(' id '),UNIQUE KEY' Idate ' (' Idate ')) ENGINE=MyISAMDEFAULTCHARSET=Latin1;

Select a.idate,sum(b. money as numfrom as left    join as on B.idate <= Group by  Order by

SELECTID, Idate, (@rowNum:= @rowNum +  Money) asTotal fromIncome, (SELECT(@rowNum:=Ifnull ((SELECT sum( Money) fromIncomeWHEREId<=0) ,0)) bORDER  byID limit0, -

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