A station B station is what?

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A station B station is what?

A station Acfun, the most popular video web site in China (referred to as AC or a station)

B Station Bilibili is a ACG-related video-sharing website in mainland China, formerly known as the video-sharing website Mikufans. The website was created by the original Acfun Netizen "⑨bishi" on June 26, 2009. Because the Acfun site is often unstable in operation, the original intention of Mikufans station is to provide users with a stable video sharing website. The site changed its name to Bilibili on January 24, 2010, and now has a barrage system that differs from other websites in the mainland.

B Station video has a variety of classifications, each category also ranked, the definition of video than the general video site much better, to upload the original picture quality video.

This video web site is imitation of Japan's "NicoNico animation" barrage site, commonly known as N station or Nico.

This site mainly uploads video uploaded by the videos of their own making

Nico today is not only for the ACG but also has a lot of three-dimensional video sharing and hosting a lot of events such as live broadcast. However, the domestic bomb screen site is not so advanced because the domestic otaku not Japan so many often on the B station is less, relatively small audience.

The domestic first bomb screen website is acfun commonly known as a station later a station a member leaves a station to create a video sharing website Mikufans later renamed Bilibili. Now the bomb screen site not only has a station B station, there are C station (tucao.cc) m station (Miomio) and so on.

A station used to be a very hot bomb screen site but now the resident of B station also more and more two bomb screen site seems to have been a contradiction ... Well, after all, I've been a little bit inexperienced ...

In general, the people of this web site are more experienced ACG enthusiasts, especially the resident Nico are some of the great God who understand Japanese ...

But now the popularity of B station gradually rising more and more unknown to the junior high school students and even elementary school students began to B station and more people will often appear after the spray son now B station home Video Open a bunch of bullets play the mouth of a fight ...

  What are the characteristics and differences between station A and station B?

The difference is big, a station entertainment to, B station ACG to. A station keyword: Anonymous version, article area. B Station Keywords: new fan, pupil.

are playing screen site, personal feeling a station more refreshing Clean B station more Huanhuan!

A station is the earliest bomb screen station, the layout is relatively old, but the old royal Curtilage basically all in a station.

B Station is a station by an old member of the establishment, the layout is more Meng, there is a trend from behind!

are very God, but I don't know how to describe this style differently.

  What are their unique features, audience groups and main features?

It is said that a station imitates NicoNico first.

And then a station a member of the solo fly

Got a bilibili.

It turns out there's a station B now.

A station is characterized by the game, the crowd prefers to talk more, the topic is bigger

B Station to two times the characteristics of the animation, the crowd more stay Meng, topic homestead Rot!

A station the most fire is the article area ah, more inclined to ZC or entertainment and so on, perhaps there are games?

B Station is the new region, animation, music, games, in favor of ACG Bar

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