A summary of software engineering courses

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A summary of software engineering courses

Software engineers should be committed to the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance of software, and to the industry has a favorable and respected industry.
In accordance with its commitment to health, safety and well-being, software engineers adhere to the following eight principles:
1. Public software engineers should be in the public interest.
2. Customers and employers-software engineers should act in a manner that is in the public interest in the best interests of their clients and employers.
3. Products-software engineers should ensure that their products and related modifications are in line with the highest professional standards possible.
4. Judgment-Software engineers should maintain the integrity and independence of their professional judgments.
5. Management-Software engineering managers and leaders should subscribe to and promote an ethical approach to managing the development and maintenance of the system.
6. Professional-Software engineers should advance the integrity and reputation of the industry in line with the public interest.
7. Colleagues-software engineers should be fair and supportive of their colleagues.
8. Self-taught software engineers should be involved in lifelong learning, and in their professional practice, and promote ethical practices.

The course of software engineering emphasizes the understanding and mastery of basic concepts and basic knowledge, and focuses on the basic skills of software project analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. Pay more attention to the combination of "point" and "polygon". I still like this course, through the study of this course let me realize that theoretical study is very important, practice is more important, practice is the only criterion to test the truth, only the theory and practice, only to play the role of the knowledge we learn, more directly to create benefits, society and the country to contribute.

In the software engineering study, I learned that the software is not some code is so simple, in the process of developing software, the workload of writing code is actually not accounted for 30% of all projects, the latter period of management and maintenance accounted for more than 60% to 80%. A complete project plan shall include, software definition, feasibility analysis report, project development plan, Software Requirement Specification, summary design specification, detailed design specification, user manual, test plan, test analysis Report, Development progress report, Project development Summary report, software maintenance manual, software problem report, Software modification reports, such as multiple documents, each document has to be superior acceptance review, and the number of documents, to do this is not very easy to do this, and precisely write a good document is to ensure that the completion of the software engineering one of the key objectives, not only to study how to use the minimum cost to make long-term survival of the program, In addition, each stage should be carefully planned, detailed division of labor deployment and staffing, and each stage according to the specific circumstances of the repeated can be achieved, so the code is only to develop software this vast project of a small process.

In fact, developing software is like solving a logic problem. Think about how you usually write programs. The first is to have an idea, that is, I write this program is what to do, and then is to achieve the core function probably conceived one or more implementation methods, and choose a self-think is better, then the various major or minor functions involved in each module, and finally the sub-module to code and Debug. In my opinion, in addition to the first step, the rest of the steps should be a looping process. In the process of coding, you always need to go back to modify the original module design, even the first selected implementation algorithm. Specific to each step of the work how to complete, is very flexible, as long as the general direction to grasp the line. In the analysis, design, coding, debugging, maintenance of these parts of the work, the most core is the writing of the document.

To learn software engineering, to learn how to think systematically, to develop good coding habits, to learn software engineering, we must know the goals, processes and principles of the Software engineering: Software Engineering Objectives: the production of products with correctness, availability and cost appropriate. Correctness refers to the degree to which a software product achieves its intended function. Availability refers to the extent to which the software infrastructure, implementation, and documentation are available to the user. Overhead is the degree to which the entire cost of software development and operation meets the user's requirements. The realization of these goals, both theoretically and in practice, has many problems to be solved, and they form the constraints of process, process model and engineering method selection.

Through this half semester my study of software engineering, teachers in the classroom from the basis of software engineering to user needs analysis, and finally to the black Box white box test through some of their own cases, vivid explanation of the software engineering this door itself boring courses, which not only enhance the students learning enthusiasm, And by letting us do some of our own needs analysis, we learned a lot of knowledge.

In the past, I have been the software there are some prejudice or misunderstanding, that software is the program, software development is to write programs, as long as the program, everything is OK, and I also one-sided that as long as I have mastered the latest language and tools, then I can write programs. A person, as long as you can program, you can write software, is a programmer, a company, as long as the recruitment of some programmers, can develop good software products. As long as there are a few experienced programmers, and then find some part-time college students, you can form a software company.

But through the "Software Engineering" This course of study, so I realized my previous mistakes. Software is not only a program, software development is not just writing programs, software is the idea of the carrier and embodiment of the hardware, processing is logic and information. Only the software and software development process, have a full understanding, to better develop, process controlled, quality controlled software products.

And in the past, I always thought that the development of software is actually a very easy and happy things, as long as the day sitting on the computer to knock on the keyboard, then everything is possible, but now I found that many of my previous thoughts is how superficial ridiculous. Programming is actually a creative activity where fun and distress coexist. Because programming not only satisfies the desire to create in our hearts, but also delights in our inner emotions.

and by learning Software engineering, I learned a lot of other things. For example, through the study of software engineering, especially the instructor's lectures and every time with the actual software on-site interpretation, provides me with an early exposure to world work and real projects opportunities. Let me know how to train their basic engineering quality and ability in the minimum cost, how to motivate their own enthusiasm and so on. And through the study of software engineering, but also let me know and cultivate my teamwork ability, especially for our students in school, this kind of learning is to let me in the future work a lot less detours.

So, through the "Software Engineering" study, I really learned a lot of useful things, let me understand a lot of truth. Here I thank the teacher for their hard work, because you let me learn these, I have benefited a lot.

Recommendations for software engineering courses and lectures: Curriculum reform, this course I feel is very interesting, pairing programming and teamwork are not before the course, feel very fresh, also produced a lot of interest, the teacher's teaching is not to say, the classroom lively, positive atmosphere, we are very much in love with this course, this course, Let us have a significant role to play in the subsequent project collaboration and programming. But after the curriculum reform still has many shortcomings, the student to the software engineering understanding is not deep enough, for the student class is too unilateral, also should add some computer specialized programming knowledge. But overall I feel that the reform of the Software engineering curriculum is very successful.

A summary of software engineering courses

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