A test report of BGP Route-map Policy Routing advertisements

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Today, we gave a client a test report based on Route-map to filter through different routes to different end-to-end Cross-domain neighbors.

The function point is very small, but for the junior students want to help.

BGP is actually a very powerful routing protocol for routing filtering. CCIE is also the focus of the exam, in fact, there is a very good book to recommend to everyone: <cisco BGP-4 Command and Configuration manual, I have been told that the book's order to Knock 3 times, unforgettable, but I only knocked once, hahaha, A lot of things just leave a concept in your head, and then look it up when you need it ... Really is a very good book, knocked again, I became a rookie, at least know that other people say BGP when I will not be very confused. :)

Hope to be useful to the beginner BGP students.

1, testing topology:

2, testing target:

L3 switch as the ASBR, connect two different Service provider.

Here is the example switch Port 1 connect to TATA ISP. Port 2 Connect to Reliance ISP.

On L3 switch to enable the BGP, make the neighbor ship with TATA and Reliance Router, from as 17483 internal, Would advertise loopback 0 and Loopback 1 All of the network to L3 switch ASBR through IGP, then need enable the Route-map on SW Itch, the interface loopback 0 networks would only advertise to TATA router, and interface Looback 1 only advertise to Reli ance router by BGP.

3, testing Snapshots:

On maipu L3 Switch Switch A We can check all of the internal routes are already learned through IGP OSPF from routing route R:

And now we can check on switch should is has 2 BGP neighbor ship:

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