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To match the picture with the text, and the plane layout has similarities, but also very different, the picture of the text, heavy foil photos, while the graphic design of the text is to convey the power, the former is more of a embellishment, and the latter is more of a weapon, so, the text is to guide people to better view the photos, rather than distracting.

This is important, because accidentally, you can go insane, your photos into graphic design works.

For a very simple example, take this picture as an example:

Although the text of this picture is very eye-catching, but the text is peaceful, not offensive, it is to describe the facts, play an auxiliary role, even if its position is very conspicuous, but the attention that people assign to it is limited, this is to give the photo character instead of graphic design.

Of course, sometimes the boundaries between the two are not very obvious, such as:

The text of this piece is peaceful and not offensive, but it is carefully designed, from the pattern to the font is carved, so it is difficult to judge its nature. However, in the formal photography competition, generally do not allow the addition of decorative text, one reason is because the modified text will make the picture form a sense of design, and then affect people's judgment of the picture itself, such as this picture, remove the text you will feel is very ordinary photographic work, but add text after you will feel more good.

Start the text below.

I summed up the 10 ways I used to add text:

The above 10 types if you can master, to cope with you to add text to the picture of the job is more than enough.

One, text rendering type

What is a text-rendering type? To put it simply, let people allocate more attention to the text, and then use the text to optimize the picture. Is this not a bit of a misunderstanding? Don't let the text attract too much attention? Cough, this is an exception.

To use this type, the most important thing is to choose a good font, handwriting, bold body? The choice of fonts almost determines your final results.

such as this piece:

Because the text occupies a large space, so people can easily be attracted to it, and because the text is very inflammatory, so that people's attention to stay longer, and in the choice of fonts, a more rigid font to match the screen, plus the choice of black text, and the overall picture of the integration is very well in place.

Second, unadorned type

This type is very common and is widely used. In short, this type is pure text, and there is no color contrast, size contrast, font contrast.

There are two basic types of this type: vertical type and horizontal type.

Like what:

This is the vertical type.

Another example:

This is the horizontal type.

This type of key is: grasp the choice of fonts, spacing and choice of text.

Font to merge the screen, spacing according to the need to increase or decrease, the text must not be incompatible with the picture.

Specifically I will not expand, because this is not words can be clear things.

Three, shading type

What is a shading type? There is a shading in the text area separating the text from the screen.

This type of advantage is to minimize the impact of the screen on the text, so that you have more space to choose the text and layout, and can be more effective protruding text.

We often encounter this situation, when we enter text in the picture, because the color difference is not the relationship between the text is often obscured by the screen, at this time, the shading can be solved once and for all.

Of course, this type also has an obvious drawback, is that if the arrangement is not good, it is like a patch on the screen.

Like what:

The following picture, because the overall tone is darker, if combined with black text, there will be unclear text, and the use of shading can effectively solve this problem.

The key of shading type is how to make the shading better fused into the picture without abrupt, the main method has one: let the shading itself have the design sense. II: Adjustment of opacity. Third: Put part of the text outside the shading to enhance the shading and screen contact.

Four, Text style

The so-called text style, that is, in the text of the screen there is a line, this thread, there are usually three manifestations: horizontal, vertical and diagonal, and the line itself has two forms: solid line and dashed.

Do not underestimate this line, it can play a large role, mainly reflected in the balance screen, highlighting the level, guide the viewer and so on.

Like what:

To borrow a few other answers:

The key to this type of arrangement is to arrange the primary and secondary relationship, choose good lines and choose the location of good placement.

Five, font matching type

This type does not have much to say, the main is different font types for collocation, with the difference, protruding focus, personal advice font not too much, 2-3 kinds of foot, and also suggested that the printing and handwriting to match. Font collocation also includes: Chinese and English collocation, text and digital collocation and so on.

Six, color matching type

This is also very simple, do not expand, the main point of attention is: color not too much, 2-3 can, color purity not too high, otherwise easy non-mainstream.

Seven, size combination type

This is very simple, the front has been used, is to let the font has a size change, and then highlight the focus and have the rhythm of the changes.

There are, of course, many combinations, such as this:

Eight, graphic mixed type

This is also embedded in the text of the picture, the picture is generally personalized signature, totem, special symbols and other components, can be a good active picture.

Nine, hollow type

The so-called hollow type, is the text is hollow. For the hollow type, you need to pay attention to the choice of the background color and font choice, a, white background is good, if you can choose more suitable for the better, the font should be wide enough, otherwise too slender will have no effect at all.

Nine, seal type

The scope of this type of application is slightly narrower, mainly used in Chinese wind photos.

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