A tutorial on the effect of using Photoshop to make broken buildings in sand dunes

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Using Photoshop to make the broken buildings in the sand dunes, the characters are basically synthetic, and after the background and three-dimensional characters are used, the materials and brushes need to be added to the text to add texture, post-processing details and adjust colors.

Final effect

1, create a 700 * 430 pixel file, the background is white. Take a picture of the desert and select the desert section using the rectangular Marquee tool, as shown below.

2, copy and paste to the canvas, adjust the appropriate size, the following figure.

3, the following to make a gradient, so that the back of the sky more suitable for our deserts, click the Gradient tool to choose from the "background color to transparent" as shown below.

4. Add a layer mask to the desert layer use the gradient to pull a gradient from top to bottom to cover the edge of the desert to make the sky easier for us. The following illustration is an effect in a mask.

5. Click the "Add new layer or adjust layer" below the layers panel to select "Levels" and adjust it as follows.

6, this time the desert should become such.

7, open the sky picture, then select the Sky section.

8. Paste the selected sky onto the canvas and resize it.

9, to the sky layer to add a mask, as in the previous step to do a gradient, the following figure is a mask in the gradient style.

10. Click the "Create new fill or adjust layer" below the layers panel to select "Color" to select "Cyan" in the pop-up dialog box and set below.

11, color levels, and in the color level of the layer mask to do the following smear.

12, the following to add lighting effect, with a white soft brush, in the figure shown in the section below to draw white.

13. Make a 3D letter or download one of these letters, load it onto the canvas and resize and position it.

< small map view big picture >

14, using the "Free transform" tool, with "twist" to adjust the text, the following figure.

15, use the eraser and adjust the opacity and flow to make the incomplete effect, as shown in the following figure.

16, press the CTRL key, click on the outline of the text layer thumbnail, the text selection.

17, open the destruction of the room picture, select a selection, the following figure.

18, paste into the canvas, and covered with text, using the "eraser" tool, will be opacity and flow of traffic in 100% and then the excess of the house erased.

19, the following continue to add some mixed soil, back to the broken House pictures, the following selection of a piece.

20, copy and paste to the canvas, place as shown in the figure, while the blending mode set to "strong light."

21, back to the house picture, the following constituency.

22, paste into the canvas, put to the position shown in the figure below.

23, the adjustment of the opacity and the use of eraser after you will get the following effect.

24, add some elements to enrich the picture. Select the color as shown in the figure.

25. Create a new layer, use a soft corner brush, draw a cloud at the bottom, set the opacity of the brush and flow about 20%, as shown in the figure.

26, the use of "free transformation" in the "deformation" tool, to make some adjustments to these clouds, let him more natural.

27, a new layer, with dust brush to draw some flying dust.

28, of course, do not forget to add a shadow, using a black brush to adjust the opacity, as shown in the following figure.

Finally use color balance to do some color, color as long as you feel the main, you look good to see it.

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