A uilabel different parts show different colors

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Let's take a look directly at it:

Requirements: is the table cell inside the state label, the front "state:" is black, the back of the status value is red, they are on the same label, how to do it?

Answer: Really is the meeting is not difficult, the difficult person will not ah, use rich text, easy to fix.

Crap not much to say, directly on the code:

1 //synthesize Rich text based on state values2-(Nsmutableattributedstring *) getstatestring: (NSString *) state{3 4     //the string after the composition5NSString *fullstr = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Status:%@", State];6 7     //range of Status values8Nsrange range =[Fullstr rangeofstring:state];9     Ten     //Color of Status value display OneUicolor *color = [Uicolor kt_colorwithhex:0xff1e00Andalpha:1]; A      -     //convert a synthesized string to Rich text -Nsmutableattributedstring *attributedstr =[[Nsmutableattributedstring alloc] initwithstring:fullstr]; the  -     //add an attribute to the corresponding range - [Attributedstr Addattributes:@{nsforegroundcolorattributename:color} Range:range]; -      +     returnAttributedstr; -}

Then assign the rich text directly to the label's Attributedtext

1 self.stateLabel.attributedText = [self getstatestring:@ " not received order "];

A uilabel different parts show different colors

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