A5 Marketing: A brief talk on four key points to be paid attention to when the real estate network falls right

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With the late Thursday Baidu big Update, many industry sites are down the right, by K, was plucked hair, the most serious is the classification information network, of course, there are other industry sites, which is undoubtedly a devastating blow to the webmaster, with the last year's 6.28 events can be seen this time Baidu will have a big change. Of course, the Thursday Baidu big update in some areas of real estate site by Baidu's down right, a lot of real estate sites are also constantly complaining about Baidu, why our station does not cheat optimization will also be down right, we are in accordance with the normal white hat for optimization. According to the survey, not only the real estate network webmaster have such ideas, other industry webmaster is the same.

From the inner message of Baidu Salon to understand that a website want to let Baidu like, must do a quality system, such as the quality of the site → page quality → quality → content, especially the optimization of real estate sites are not in line with Baidu's quality system, often lack of quality system and caused the right to drop, Many people may also think that my property network content is high quality, but the lack of the other three are still down right. When the real estate network down the right after many webmaster will be the site template, procedures such as change, only the domain name and host did not replace, and then redo a site, the next time the right to do repetitive work, resulting in the site down right in a dead cycle, you can say that these stationmaster have funds. About this author and the vast number of real estate site webmaster to exchange it, real estate site after the right to pay attention to the three points.

Point one: Do not easily replace the site after the right of the program

First of all, the real estate network down the right to not easily replace the Web site procedures. Choose a Web site program for the site is very important, just like the human body, the device. The official, want to live every day carefree, work safe, that must have a good body and the device. Officer. A lot of real estate network is down right after the first thing is to consider whether the Web site program to change, and then redo the site, transposition thinking, if a person in life by some blow or disability, is also to replace a new body. Of course, this is just for example, on the contrary, the site and people are a reason, so the real estate network is not easy to change the Web site procedures.

Point two: Do not easily replace the right after the template version of the site

Second, the real estate network down the right to not easily replace the template version of the site. As the saying goes, people cherubim trees to the leather poles to cement, real estate site is the same, a good real estate site, the quality of the real estate site, must be equipped with a good template, template to determine the user experience of the site, let users into the real estate site search house when you can see the advantages of the real estate network, beautiful and so on. But a lot of real estate site is down the right after like to replace the template, anyway, the site was down the right to replace a template also does not matter, this is a wrong way, if the replacement template many content to be recognized, not only to restore the site does not benefit, the overall disadvantages of the site is a lot of. Therefore, the proposed right to fall in the observation stage, template do not move it.

Point three: Do not change the content of the website easily after the power down

Then, do not easily change the content of the site after the right to reduce. Content for the site is "king", so the search engine for the content is also very important, good content, high-quality content can bring to the site flow and weight and ranking, so the content is also more attention by the webmaster. Real Estate Network is a problem to do content, a lot of real estate webmaster do not know how to do content, part of the real estate network only real estate news has no real estate related knowledge content, resulting in a large number of site loss of traffic, each time the real estate network down the right, the webmaster will think of the content above, is not my site content appeared to cause the right to fall, If it will be the content of the replacement, so that not only caused a lot of dead chain, serious points will be directly down the right. In addition the content system is one of them, do the content at the same time also want to do the website quality, the page quality, the resource quality, therefore the real estate net falls right after does not change the content easily.

Point four: After the right to reduce the site can be diagnosed and make improvements

Finally, the real estate network down the right after the site can be SEO diagnosis and make improvements. Site down right is not terrible, terrible is random to the site to adjust and change, just like a patient, after the illness of their own random medication indiscriminately injections, resulting in more and more serious illness, and the site is the same as Baidu down the right can not be random changes, otherwise it is difficult to recover, so we have to the site for SEO diagnosis. The author proposes to improve and restore the website from the aspects of basic diagnosis, keyword analysis, structure layout, page optimization, content analysis, inner chain diagnosis, and outside chain of website.

Written at the end:

In general, the real estate network is down after the right to change the Web site procedures, site templates, site content, recommendations for the diagnosis after the improvement of the site and restore the site. If you do these four points, restoring the site is within reach. If you do not have a professional SEO, if your site has not been improved, you can perform A5 features SEO diagnostics! Enterprise QQ FREE consultation: 800017899,A5 Marketing SEO Diagnostics (www.admin5.cn/seo/zhenduan/) 100% to enhance the site traffic, Invalid refund more assured!

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