About 64-bit Win7/win 8 How to learn the assembly language

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I see a lot of students with Win 7/win 8 to learn the assembly, now a lot of people's memory upgrades are used 64-bit system, but 64-bit W7 does not have their own debug and MASM.

1. First download the DOSBox, (with the address below) its role is to let you in 64 bit under the use of 32, 16-bit software. If you do not use DOSBox, a Program incompatibility dialog box appears.

After installing DOSBox, we will be able to run the compiled program.

After opening the DOSBox, we can see Z: \, this is the virtual disk in DOSBox, we can use the Mount command to convert it to its own D-disk: Mount C e:\masm (PS: Here is the downloaded masm5.0 file inside the program and Debug.exe in the e-disk under the MASM folder inside)

Down is the DOS operation.

The following is an example of a compiled Hello world.
Create a new 1.asm file in the e:/masm/directory, open the assembly code


Date Segment DB'Hello world-by xiaoz','$'Date ENDSCODESG SegmentassumeCS:CODESG,ds:DateStart:  movax,datemovDs,axmovDx0        movah,09hint21hmovax,4c00hint21HCODESG endsend Start

Then open the software, the e:/masm virtual to C drive, switch to C drive

Compile, connect, execute 1

This time, Hello world is out.

Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTl4X9t Password: wbqj

About 64-bit Win7/win 8 How to learn the assembly language

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