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Today, the Customer Service of China Merchants Bank opened the China Merchants Bank credit card that I have been storing in the drawer for a long time. I am used to ICBC's international card and get used to the form of one card and one password. I am not familiar with this CMB credit card that is highly compatible with the international market. What is the password to query, the current password and the online payment password. In addition, you do not need to enter a password when swiping the card at ordinary times. You only need to sign the password. How can this ensure the security of consumers? I found answers to these questions online.

1, CMBWhat is the difference between querying the password with a card and obtaining the current password?

The query password is a 800 phone number. It is used when you log on to the public edition of the Bank and pay for it online. It can be said that this password is widely used. This password is used as long as no money is obtained. When we get a credit card to open the card, we set the password to query the password. This password can be re-set after 800 checks the information, or it can be modified automatically in 800. As the name suggests, this password cannot be withdrawn.

Special note: the CMB card's network payment password and query password areThe same is true. The network payment password cannot be changed separately !!

The withdrawal password is used only for withdrawal. If you get a credit card, this password is not activated by default. You have to apply for it in the past and mail the password to you by bank. Now Zhaoxing has upgraded. You can set this password in the Professional Edition. This password can also be changed on the 800 phone, but it is not manually changed, but through the voice service on the 800 phone, enter the old password and change the new password. Of course, this password can also be changed at the counter and at the ATM.

When you open a credit card, you can call or manually open the card. The phone card is opened. After you enter the residential phone number, you can enter 6 digits as the query password. Manually open the card. After checking your information, Miss 800 will go to the telephone service and ask you to enter your query password. It can be said that the generation method of this password determines that it can be manually modified.

2. How can I ensure the security of China Merchants Bank's credit card without a card swipe password? (Baidu Knows)

Overseas Credit Card swiping only recognizes signatures and does not use passwords. This is a common practice. China Merchants Bank's practice is in line with international standards. Currently, China Construction Bank and ICBC have launched a two-pronged approach, china Merchants Bank has always insisted on consumption by secret. I personally think this is an effort by China Merchants Bank to cultivate their awareness of card swiping and cash register and improve the card-use environment.

If a credit card is lost, the risk is limited:
1. the cardholder can call bank customer service, so this credit card will be reported to be lost and will not be stolen. At the same time, some banks currently provide zero risk of loss reporting, that is, the bank pays for the losses incurred before the loss is reported;
2. The person picked up can only make the purchase on the pose machine. This means that shopping is the main option, while China Merchants Bank, including credit cards of other banks, requires a password at the counter or ATM, the password is sent to the customer by the Bank in the form of a password letter, and there is no default password, so for the person you pick up, you are either a shopaholics or crazy shopping, many cashiers in major malls have monitoring directories;
3. If the cardholder finds that the credit card has been stolen, he or she may file an account dispute with the bank. As long as the signature on the bill received by the Bank during the card swipe transaction is inconsistent with that of the cardholder when the card is applied, it can be determined that this transaction is not conducted by the cardholder. This procedure is cumbersome, but it is a powerful guarantee for the rights and interests of the cardholder. Although the domestic cashier's signature verification procedure still does not seem to be in place, however, the cardholder can still dispute the signature.

Credit and risk correspond to each other. Credit also carries risks and can be used properly to avoid risks. Of course, you can also see that banks have many measures to protect the rights and interests of cardholders, who else will charge this credit card.

3. Can I set the CMB credit card?Swipe keyCode?


After four years of international practice of "using signatures for card swiping", China Merchants Bank's credit card finally gave in to the strong requirements of Chinese cardholders on passwords. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the press conference of the CMB new album joint credit card issuance that CMB has recently launched the card swipe password function. Customers can choose to use the signature or signature + password form according to their habits. It is understood that credit card consumption can take effect with signatures, is the birth of the credit card international practice. China Merchants Bank's credit card has been following this practice since its launch, so that the cardholder is not allowed to set a transaction password. "During our investigation into customers, we found that 70% of people wanted to set passwords for credit card transactions so they would feel safer. From the perspective of meeting customer needs, we have developed the password setting function to provide more options for cardholders ." This is what the CMB credit card center said.

According to reports, customers of China Merchants Bank Credit Card can choose whether to enable and set the consumption password by phone bank or online bank. At the same time, the service can be opened and closed at any time according to the cardholder's needs. To relieve customers' worries about security issues, CMB has launched a five-fold Security Protection Service. In addition to self-setting passwords, it also includes compensation for fraudulent use 48 hours before the loss.

The cardholder must be reminded that, if the customer's card loss is fraudulent due to password transactions, the bank will not make compensation. In addition, it is useless to set a password when you swipe your card when traveling abroad. The cashier only looks at the signature.

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