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Office Platform

Traditional Microsoft Office Office software includes apps for PC-side Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Word, Access, and Microsoft has developed web-based Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word app allows users to access and use Office anytime, anywhere, with a browser. Office products on the mobile platform are also becoming more sophisticated, covering the mobile devices of Android, Apple and windows/windows Phone systems to varying degrees.

Add-in in the Office platform

After Office 2013, Microsoft provides a new model for developers on the office platform that allows us to create an area in an Office application that can represent the interaction of Web pages with documents and the addition of functional content. We can integrate highly customized WEB applications or services into office and make them available on the entire office platform. The application is not actually installed on the computer running Office, and its implementation is hosted on the specified WEB server, so that we can easily maintain and update it from that server.

Join us to develop a dictionary in Word add-in, the dictionary app appears in the Panel to the right of the Word document, and the user does not need to switch to the translation software or browser when editing the document. We can use the JavaScript API provided by the Office platform to interact with the current document in the dictionary application, such as reading or writing data, downloading the document as a PDF, and so on. When the dictionary app is deployed (on the WEB server we Specify) and published, the user can insert and use the Dictionary app in Word 2013 (rich client), Word Online. With the Office Add-in platform, you can create Office client applications that attract new users and businesses.

Leveraging the power of Web and standard web technologies such as HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, and REST APIs, as well as server-side scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, we can create Office documents, e-mail, meeting requests, appointments, and even any An application that interacts with other data sources for the rest API. Office add-in Model in office 2013 supports three types of apps (AddIn also known as apps, or add-ins): Office Tasks Panel (task pane), Office Content app (content add-in), and office Mail app (mail add-in).

Example: How to use Add-in1 in Excel 2013. Create a new document with Excel 2013

Create a set of tabular data: The first column is the name, and the second column is the number that corresponds to each person (for example, these numbers represent everyone's deposits in the bank.) ),。

2. Open the Office store and look for people graphapp.

People graph is developed based on the OfficeApp platform and is published in the Microsoft Office store, where users can install it in their Office documents anytime, anywhere, using it to visualize the data selected in the document. Note: You need to click Trust It in the installation screen to complete the installation.

3. Select the data and visualize it

When you click "Select Data", an action prompt appears.

4. Select the appropriate graphic for this set of data.

Select the dollar graph here. The user can copy the resulting image and use it in other documents.

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About Office add-in Model

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