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Often the end of the year is always the draft design manuscript flying! All the confusion may come from ... No inspiration!

"Turn off PS, Brew a cup of scented tea, in the mood of joy will burst out a lot of novel good ideas." "Such a plan may be too idealistic.

The design is not done! The customer and the boss of the chain call! these things make you completely not in the mood to bubble tea Ah!

But today, Anyforweb brings the collection of inspiration to everyone, hoping to bring you some small sparks when you are helpless.

1. Using simple dots, lines, and a monochrome background to outline the geometry of the page as a whole to create a space for three-dimensional, but the disadvantage is that it appears relatively thin. As a result, designers use bold strokes to make Web pages more personalized. In order not to be confused with the thin line, the Hamburg icon in the upper right corner uses a more gorgeous color.

2. The combination of rounded elements and elements can make the Web page reflect a different kind of sense of rhythm, the Web page will change with the color of the effect.

3. This case uses the interior design scene as the homepage background picture, the warm color choice is also creates the warm atmosphere for the website. Look around you at your position, and every texture, object, or color may be the source of inspiration.

4. Food in the designer's computer handy, find some inspiration from it. As the case shows, this is an official website on the promotion of beverage products, the designer of the product to integrate the relevant components into the background of the Web page, so that the scene suddenly become lively and interesting.

5. Nature is always the choice for designers to draw inspiration from. Those natural combinations of nature can certainly stir up the movement of countless brain cells.

6. Although packaging design is an area that is easily overlooked by users, it does not prevent it from still being creative, so it is a good idea to find inspiration on the package. Let the little ideas guide your great inspiration.

7. In the design field, architectural design and other visual design are not the same, they consider a relatively small color, but more focused on the layout of the composition. If there is a layout of the doubt can be used for reference to architectural design methods, in the Web page layout to seek new breakthroughs.

The website style of 8.Pub design is similar to the American magazine Wind, the page is displayed by the way of the card style and waterfall flow, showing a kind of free and random impact.

9. Colorful things in the first time for users to bring a sense of visual fashion. As shown in the following case, the gradient of mosaic design to the rhythm line of expression, so that the entire Web page full of mystery.

10. Is this a site that was conquered at first sight? The source of inspiration is not to say much, just a simple newspaper. This case is a good proof of the "inspiration from the Life" theory, designers will be inspired to do some small trimming, a unique site was born like this.

Inspiration will be left to those who are prepared to care about all the little things that happen around them, and they will always bring you unexpected good ideas.

Enjoy the good life after you finish your work!

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