About the secure link (XSL link) attribute of xmlwebaprt (XML viewer)

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The release Link (XSL link) must be an absolute path. If you use a path similar to "/_ layouts/picxsl. XSLT is converted to c: \ _ layouts \ picxsl. XSLT ", the page will report an error:

: I don't seem to have this problem in another service market. It's strange.

The XSL specified by the "XSL" attribute or "XSL link" attribute is invalid or the XSL file cannot be accessed. Make sure that a valid XSL style sheet is specified for this Web part, or if an XSL file is linked, it can be accessed by the server. Contact the website administrator for help. Learn more about making XSL files accessible

DecompilationSource codeAs follows:

Transform2.load (Base. Replacetokens (transformlink), effectsettings. Default,Null);
Private string applyxslt (ref string contents, string transform, string transformlink)


Find the following description on msdn:


the link property is read/write. the URL in this property can point to any web address; however it must be prefixed with the protocols "http: //" or "https: //" to work properly, for example, "http://www.domain.com" or "https://www.domain.com. "There is no maximum length for this property. there is no default value. if the XSLT cannot be retrieved from the specified URL, an error is displayed in the Web part.

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