AC DC Circuit

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What is the function of the diode in AC DC power? Output voltage? The output current is determined by the maximum rated current of the diode. The 1n4007 diode (Universal Silicon Rectifier diode M7) is rated at 1 A and the output current is less than 1 a.

If you want to understand it, talk about it from the AC power.

220 Volts AC Point has two lines, a 0 line, his voltage is always 0 volts, the other is the FireWire, the voltage is changing, a moment is 220 volts, a moment is negative 220 volts, of course, most of the time is between the two, this change occurs 50 times per second. If an oscilloscope is used to see the change in AC voltage, the waveform of the sine wave can be seen.

This diode, is one-way conductive, the FireWire to the cathode diode, the voltage is positive 220 volts, the diode is conductive (conduction). When the voltage becomes negative 220 volts, the diode does not conduct electricity (cutoff). Using an oscilloscope to observe the voltage between the negative and 0 lines of the AC voltage diode, the negative half of the sine wave is cut off, you can see the steamed bread wave. If the cathode of the diode is connected to the FireWire, the sine wave is cut off in half a week, and the oscilloscope sees the bowl wave. In any case, the diode throws out half the voltage of the alternating current, making the output voltage always positive or negative forever, that is, it becomes a direct current. This process is called rectification.

There are two problems, after rectifying the voltage peak or 220 volts, too high, the other voltage is beating (pulsation), not good for the router, so need to use a transformer, before the diode rectifier before the voltage down. Add a capacitor to the output voltage of the diode to the flat (filter),

At this moment, this output voltage is still not ideal, may not be accurate 6 volt voltage, the filter effect of the capacitor is not good. If used directly, if the transformer output voltage is too high, not to scare you, light router error, heavy burned AH. So add a voltage regulator, like 7806 or something. Whether it is DIY or buy a power supply, before receiving the router, to measure the voltage.

"Rectifier Diode" is a diode, it is generally a silicon diode ...

Rectifier diode function is to convert AC into DC, only one-way use, router power is added a buck transformer can make AC 220V DC 6 v.

When a single DC bridge works, there are two diodes in the conduction state at any time, and the other two are in the cut-off state.

When analyzing the working principle of rectifier circuit, the diode in the rectifier circuit is used as a switch and has unidirectional conductivity. According to the circuit diagram of figure (a):

The positive half-cycle of the sine wave is obtained on the load resistor when the diode D1, D3 conduction on the positive half-week.
When the negative half-week diode D2, D4 conduction, on the load resistance to get the negative half-week sine wave.
The positive and negative half-cycle of the load resistance is synthesized, and the one-way pulsating voltage is obtained. The waveform of the single rectifier rectifier circuit is shown in figure (b).

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