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In the previous blog, we introduced the usage of operating hosts in Active Directory. Today, we use an instance to show you how to transfer operating host roles, in this way, if a problem occurs when operating on the host role in Active Directory, we can use the knowledge we introduced today to troubleshoot the problem.

First, we need to clarify an important principle, that is, there is only one and only one operating host role! If the operating host role is at the forest level, such as the architecture host and domain name host, only one architecture host and domain name host can be found in one domain forest. If the operating host role is at the domain level, such as the PDC host, structure host, and rid host, it means that only one such operating host role can be in one domain.

As shown in the experiment topology, the domain has two domain controllers, Florence and Firenze. Florence is the first domain controller in the domain. Currently, all operation host roles are on Florence. We use experiments to show you how to switch between Florence and Firenze.

In fact, when we use dcpromo to uninstall the Active Directory on the domain controller, this domain controller will automatically transfer the host role that it assumes to its replication partner, this process requires no administrator intervention. However, if we want to specify a domain controller to operate the host role, we need to perform the operation manually. First, we will introduce how to use the MMC console to transfer the five operating host roles from Florence to Firenze.

1. Transfer from Florence to Firenze

Open Active Directory users and computers on Florence, as shown in. Right-click the domain name and choose operate host from the menu ".

As shown in, we found that three operation host roles can be transferred, namely, the PDC host, the RID host, and the structure host. However, the strange thing is that we want to transfer the operation host role from Florence to Firenze, but why does the tool show that we can only transfer the operating host role from Florence to Florence?

The above problems are easy to explain. If we want to use Firenze as the target for operating host role transfer, we need to focus the domain controller on Firenze first. Right-click in the Active Directory user and computer, select "connect to domain controller", and select "Firenze" from the domain controller list.

After we point the domain controller to Firenze, we can move the host role from Florence to Firenze, as shown in, click "change ", prepare to transfer the RID host role from Florence to Firenze. In the system pop-up window, check whether you are sure to transfer the host role. Select "yes ".

Through the above process, we can easily transfer the RID host role from Florence to Firenze, as shown in, the operation of the host role has been successfully transferred. In the same way, we can easily transfer the PDC and structural hosts to Firenze.

After the RID host is transferred, the PDC host and the structure host, let's try the domain name host. Open the Active Directory domain and trust relationship on Florence. Note that the focus of the domain controller is set to Firenze, as shown in. Right-click the Active Directory domain and trust relationship, select "operate hosts" from the menu ".

As shown in, we click "change" to transfer the domain name host role from Florence to Firenze. The whole process is very simple.

As shown in, the domain name host role has been transferred to Firenze.

Finally, the host role to be transferred is the architecture host. Because the role of the Architecture host is very important, Microsoft did not even preset management tools for us, therefore, we must first register a dynamic link library to obtain the management tools required for transferring architecture hosts. As shown in, we run regsvr32 schmmgmt. dll and the system prompts that the dynamic link library is successfully registered.

After registering the dynamic link library, run MMC and select "Add/delete Management Unit" in the File menu ", at this time, we will find that we can add a management unit named "Active Directory architecture", which is used to register a dynamic link library. Use this Active Directory architecture Management Unit, as shown in. Select "operate hosts" to transfer the schema host. Also, do not forget to focus the domain controller on Firenze.

As shown in, click "change" to transfer the schema host role to Firenze.

From the results, the architecture host is successfully transferred. So far, we have completed the transfer of five operation host roles.

2. Transfer from Firenze to Florence

Currently, the five operating host roles are concentrated on Firenze. We will introduce a method to return the operating host role to Zhao and return it to Florence. This method is to use ntdsutil, a tool we are very familiar. As shown in, run ntdsutil and enter roles to transfer the host role.

As shown in, in the roles state, we first need to use the connections command to connect to a specific domain controller. Which domain controller should we connect? Connect to the target domain controller that operates host transfer. In our example, it should be Florence. We enter the command connect to server Florence.

After connecting to Florence, as shown in, we use the quit command to return to the upper-level menu? List all executable commands in the current status. We found that only five commands are required for transferring the five operation host roles. These five commands are:

Transfer domain naming master transfer domain name host

Transfer Infrastructure Master transfer structure host

Transfer PDC transfers PDC host

Transfer rid master transfers the RID host

Transfer schema master transfers schema host

There are also five commands that forcibly specify the Connected Domain Controller as the host role, which is suitable for offline operations on the host, if we accidentally format the domain controller of the operating host, we can use these commands to forcibly specify a domain controller as the operating host. These five commands are:

Seize domain naming master specifies domain name host

Seize Infrastructure Master specifies the structure host

Seize PDC specifies the PDC host

Seize rid master specifies the RID host

Seize schema master specifies the schema host

As shown in, we execute five commands for transferring the host role, which easily transfers the host role from Firenze to Florence.

In this blog, we can use MMC and ntdsuitl to transfer the host role, or specify the host role when the host is offline, basically, you can meet your work requirements for operating hosts.

This article from the "yue lei's Microsoft Network Classroom" blog, please be sure to keep this source

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