ADB devices does not recognize devices (or occasionally identify devices)-crack

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Issue: When you enter ADB devices in CMD, no device information is displayed, actually displays the following information

The problem is sometimes recognizable and sometimes not recognizable. When connected by others, oneself in the connection is good, after a while, it is not good


I. When the device has not been displayed:

1. Check if USB debug mode is turned on

2. Check whether the driver is installed, check the method: After connecting the PC, open the Device Manager, check whether there is an exclamation mark, question marks, and other abnormal display

3. Try to switch the USB interface of the computer to verify that each interface is not

4. Try to replace the USB cable and troubleshoot the problem with the line.

5. Check if the ADB port is occupied


Execute ADB nodaemon server in cmd and see what the ADB's port number is

The general ADB port is: 5037

Use the following statement to determine the port occupancy

Netstat-ano | Findstr "5037"

Delete the occupied port, reopen the cmd window

ADB kill-server
ADB start-server

Confirm whether to recognize

Two. Occasional device identification

What is the occasional recognition? It's 1. Not in your hands, in the hands of others 2. After connecting to someone else's hand, go back to your hand and then after a while not 3. In your hand, Plug and unplug the USB or restart the phone will not be

1. Try to install the USB driver for the phone (No 2)

2. Restore the phone factory value (No 3)

3. Connect 360, 91 assistants, etc., re-install the driver automatically (No 4, or open these 360 or 91 on the line, turn off the software does not believe that 4)

4. In the path:%userprofile%\.android\adb_usb.ini, add the hardware ID in the example below:

Add the 0x2b0e 6 characters to the Adb_usb.ini.

Without the Adb_usb.ini file, create a new

5. The above or not, just look at the ADB version, there are found that the ADB version is too high will have this problem.

Compare your adb version to your normal colleague's ADB version.

The above is their own through the network and actual experience to summarize the results. If there is a shortage, please fill it


ADB devices does not recognize devices (or occasionally identify devices)-crack

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