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1. Success is not as difficult as you think. It is not because we dare not do things, but because we dare not do things.

A Korean student majored in psychology at Cambridge University. During afternoon tea, he often goes to the school cafe or teahouse to chat with some successful people. These successful recipients include the Nobel Prize winner,
The academic authority in some fields and the people who have created economic mythology are humorous and take their successes very naturally and logically. After a long time, he found that in China, he was
Successful people cheated. In order to let those who are starting a business know the difficulties, they generally exaggerate their entrepreneurial hardships. That is to say, they are using their successful experiences to scare those who have not yet succeeded.

As a psychology student, he believes it is necessary to study the mentality of successful Korean people.In 1970, he used "Success is not as difficult as you think" as his graduation thesis and submitted it to Professor wilbreden, the founder of modern economic psychology. Professor breden was pleasantly surprised to hear that this was a new discovery. Although this phenomenon exists in the East and even around the world, no one has come up with it before.
For research. In addition, he wrote a letter to his Cambridge alumnus, Park zhengxi, who was sitting in the first chair in South Korean political arena. He said in his letter, "I dare not say how much help this book has for you, but I am sure it will shake you any other command ."

Later, this book was accompanied by the departure of South Korea's economy. This book inspires many people as they tell from a new perspective
People, success andThere is no inevitable connection between "labor and bones, hunger and body skin", "three more lights and five more chickens", and "head suspension and taper sashes. As long as you are interested in a career, you will succeed if you stick to it for a long time.
The time and wisdom that Emperor has given you is enough for you to finish one thing successfully. Later, the young man succeeded and became the president of Korean pan-industry Automobile Company.

Tip:Many things in the world can be done as long as they want to do it. The difficulties to be overcome can also be overcome. They do not need any steel-like will, nor do they need any skills or strategies. As long as a person is still living in a simple and interesting life, he will eventually find that the Creator's arrangements for the world are successful.

2. Shadow is the influence on you, and the final decision is in your hands.

My grandfather made me a dragon with paper. The gap between the Longlong abdominal cavity can only accommodate a few locusts and put them in. They all died in it, and they were not spared! Grandpa said:"The locusts are too impatient. Apart from the struggle, they never thought of biting the dragon with their mouths, and they didn't know that they could climb out of the other end until they kept moving forward. Therefore, even though it has a clamp-like mouth shell and a toothed thigh, it does not help.
"When my grandfather put a few qingworms of the same size in the faucet and closed the faucet, the miracle came: in just a few minutes, the little qingworms climbed out of the tail one by one.

Tip: Fate has always been hidden in our thoughts. Many people do not go out of the shadows of different stages of life, big or small, not because they are born with personal conditions far less than others, but because they have no idea to break the shadows, and do not patiently and slowly find a direction, step by step forward, until the eyes appear new holes.

3. The flying Spider's belief is a kind of force without a strong urge. When you believe that you can succeed, you will be able to succeed.

One day, I found a black spider had a large network between the two eaves of the backyard. Does a spider fly? Otherwise, from the eaves to the eaves, there is a gap in the middle of the width, how is the first line pulled in the past? After
Come, I found that the spider had taken many detours-- Start from a eaves, knots, goes down the wall, crawls forward step by step, carefully, raises the tail, does not let the silk to the sand stone or other objects on the ground, passes through the open space, crawls again
On the opposite side of the eaves, the height is almost the same, and then tighten the wire, later also so.

Tip: The SPIDER will not fly,
However, it can link the Internet to the semi-air. It is a diligent, sensitive, silent, and tough insect. Its net system is well-crafted and well-disciplined, and it is opened in the form of gossip, as if to be assisted by God. This achievement reminds people of those who are silent and some wise men who are hidden. As a result, I remember that the spider would not fly, but it still closed the net in the air. Miracles are caused by persistent people.

4. Draw a leaf for life as long as you believe in it, there will always be a miracle, although the hope is slim, but it will survive forever.

American writer ou; Henry told a story in his novel "The Last Leaf": a dying patient in the Ward saw a tree out of the window, falling down in the autumn wind. Patient watching
In front of Xiao Xiaoyi, the body is also getting worse and worse, a day is worse than a day. She said:"When all the leaves are lost, I will die ." After learning about it, an old painter painted a green leaf in the veins and hung it on the tree.
Branches. The last leaf never fell. The patient miraculously survived because of the green color in his life.

Tip: Life can have nothing but no hope. Hope is an important value of human life. Where there is hope, life is endless!

5. Don't look at it as a black cow. The milk is white.

Jenny is a little girl who always loves to keep her head down. She always feels that she is not beautiful enough. One day, she went to the ornaments store to buy a green bow. The shopkeeper kept praising her for wearing a beautiful bow. Although she did not believe it, she was very happy and couldn't help but raise her head, I am eager to show you that I don't care if I hit people when I went out.

Jenny walked into the classroom and met her teacher,"Jenny, you are so proud to raise your head !" The teacher patted her on her shoulder and said.

On that day, she was praised by many people. She thought it must be the credit of the bow. She could take a picture in front of the mirror, and there was no bow on her head. It must have been lost when she came out of the ornaments shop.

Self-confidence is a kind of beauty, but many people lose a lot of happiness because they care too much about appearance.

Tip: Whether it is poor or rich, whether it is beautiful, or ordinary appearance, as long as you raise your head, happiness will make you cute-the kind of love everyone.

6. The value of life should not make yesterday's frustration so that tomorrow's dream will be eclipsed!

At a seminar, a famous speaker did not speak an opening speech, but held up$20. In the face of 200 people in the conference room, he asked: "Who wants this $20 ?" One hand lifted. He went on to say, "I plan to give this $20 to one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing ." As he said, He kneaded the money into a group and asked, "Who needs it ?" Someone raised his hand

He added:"That
What if I do this ?" He threw the money to the ground, stepped on another foot, and ran it over with his foot. Then he picked up the money and the ticket became dirty and wrinkled.
Who need it now ?" Someone raised their hands.
"You have taken a meaningful lesson, my friends. No matter how I treat that bill, you still want it because it has not depreciated and it is still worth $20. On the road to life, we will be replaced by our own
Deciding or encountering adversity strikes down, bullying, and even crushing. We feel we are worthless. But no matter what happens or what will happen, You will never lose value in the eyes of God. See him
Come, dirty or clean, neatly dressed or not neat, you are still priceless ."

Tip:The value of life does not depend on what we do, nor on the people we make. It depends on ourselves! We are unique-- Never forget this!

7Never believe in your own will, and never become a general.

In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, a father and his son fought for war. My father was a general and his son was just a pawn. Another horn sounded, and the drums thundered. His father solemnly held up an arrow with an arrow inserted in it. The father solemnly said to his son:"This is an arrow to attack the family. It is equipped with an infinite power, but it cannot be drawn out ."

It is an extremely exquisite arrow, thick cowhide, inlaid with a faint copper edge, and then look at the exposed arrow. It can be determined at a glance that it is made with the finest peacock feathers. Son was excited, greedy to think about the appearance of arrows, arrows, ears as if an arrow passed over, the enemy's coach to fold the horse.

Sure enough, the son with the arrow is brave and invincible. When the horn of the treasure was blown, the son could not help but win again. He gave up his father's jealousy, and his strong desire drove him out with a shout.
Bao Jian, trying to see the truth. Suddenly he was shocked. A broken arrow is contained in the arrow. I have been rolling out an arrow to fight! The son was scared out of a cold sweat, as if the house was suddenly lost, and then collapsed.
The result is self-evident, and the son died in chaos.

In the dark smoke, his father picked up the broken arrow and said with a heavy blow:"If you don't trust your will, you will never be a general ." How stupid it is to pin the victory and defeat on a treasure arrow. how dangerous it is to give the core and handle of life to others! For example, we pin our hopes on our children, our happiness on our husband, and our life guarantee on our children.
Put on the unit ......

Tip: You are an arrow. If you want it to be tough, if you want it to be sharp, if you want it to wear a hundred steps, you can sharpen it, you can only save it yourself.

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