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At ordinary times we need to share some resources with friends, but if we can not find the download address, how to do? And, we have our favorite resources in bulk downloading, but also worry about taking up too much bandwidth to affect others. How to deal with these two problems? Now that we have the two major apps for download address recovery and scheduled tasks, we can better share resources and be able to download them intelligently.

One, download address recovery and friends to share more resources

If we find the download address of the resource is not found, but want to share with friends. Then we don't have to go to the Internet to check "Download address recovery" can be more simple to operate: We just select the local file, it will go to the Thunder of the resource network to query whether there is information on the resource, if there will be automatically generated a download address, in most cases can be downloaded normally!

The first step: Download and install the "Download address recovery" Application

Click the + button on the right side of the "My Downloads" tab above the Thunder main interface to open the application platform and install the "Download address Recovery" application (Figure 1).

▲ Figure 1 Installation "Download address recovery" Application

Step two: choose to share documents

After that, we double-click the "Download address Recovery" item in the Thunder 7 application platform. and click the Add File button in the Open window to add the file (Figure 2, you can select multiple files with the CTRL key or SHIFT key).

▲ Figure 2 has been selected to share files

Step three: Get the download address

After that, you can click the Start Restore button, and after a while you'll see that you've got the address, click the Copy all link button to send the download address to a friend (Figure 3). He just in the Thunder 7 select "File" → "New Task" → "Ordinary/emule task ..." and then paste the download to download the address available.

▲ Figure 3 has been given the download address

Small Tips

The application of the function is to help us find the use of Thunderbolt download file download address, but this simple function has brought a very strong application. Whether you use it to recover the file is used to download the Thunderbolt, this plug-in can resolve the characteristics of the local file, and then adjust the Thunder for resource queries, if the resources exist candidate resources, generate the corresponding download address.

Second, better control download new applications to enhance the Thunder planning task ability

Thunderbolt 7 in the planning task function is not strong, it can only apply 1 conditions, plus some shutdown, logoff, exit and other options, is not particularly practical. Moreover, it can not be timed to open or close the download, once the work time, but also in the download will be network management or boss blame, serious will not protect the rice bowl. Now there is a super application-"Planning the Task", everything is good to do.

The first step: Download and install the Scheduled Tasks application

Follow the steps above to download and install the "Scheduled Tasks" application, which is very simple and no longer repeat.

Step Two: Use this application to add more scheduled tasks

Then in the Thunder 7 main interface above the "Application Platform" tab, click "Scheduled Tasks" to open the appropriate settings window. First select the Enable Scheduled Tasks check box, click the New Task button above, then set the title and cycle (you can choose Daily, Monday to Sunday), set the appropriate start time (such as 09:10 daily), click the Action Add Drop-down button, select Pause All Tasks, and click Apply Below button to complete the creation of a rule (Figure 4); Then click the New Task button above, and also set the title and cycle (such as daily 22:00-09:00, to cancel the no end time check box to set the end time), and then click the Action Add Drop-down button, select Start All Tasks ( During this time, colleagues generally do not work in the company, can use the company's high bandwidth download, click the "Apply" button below to complete the creation of a rule (see Figure 5).

▲ Figure 4 Set Pause download time

▲ Figure 5 Set the Thunder download time range

The third step: Let Thunder in the system sleep can also download

Because it will take a long time to download resources, so we want to set hibernate also let thunder download. In the Thunderbolt 7 select the "Tools" → "Configuration" command, in the Open Configuration Panel dialog box, click the Task Default Properties button on the left, and in the right pane, select the Start leaving mode check box (Figure 6), and click the OK button below.

Later, when we download, even if the computer into sleep mode can also be downloaded. Because at this time only the video card and sound card and other devices are turned off, while the CPU, memory, hard disk, network card is still running, thunder can also reduce the computer power consumption in the case to continue to run, download the resources we need. This way is less carbon, more environmentally friendly!

▲ Figure 6 Starting off mode

Fourth step: Enjoy the Super program download

Next, as long as the machine does not shut down, we can press Win+l to lock the machine (to set the account password, play a protective role), and the monitor off (in order to save energy). At the appointed time, the Thunderbolt will begin to work. Because we have these two rules, every day 22:00─09:00 will be downloaded, and by 09:10, all tasks will be suspended. What we have to do is to constantly add tasks to the machine, and we can guarantee that the company's nightly high bandwidth will always be used.

Small Tips

★ Can add a lot of action, in addition to the above mentioned start/pause all tasks, as well as download the designated task or exit Thunder, system operation, etc., can cooperate with the use, can play a more powerful role.

★ With this application, can completely full throttle, so that the company's bandwidth to make the best use. In general, the next day to the company, you will find that the resources have been downloaded, and will not affect other colleagues in the company.

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