Adobe Acrobat XI Pro cracked keygen secret key license replacement

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Everyone usually see paper more words must be with Adobe Acrobat instead of Adobe Reader, its full functionality is not verbose, below to share the next Adobe Acrobat XI Pro two ways to hack (two ways I have used and effective):

1) Acrobat XI Pro Keygen:

This is the time to download the software usually comes with the hack tool, a long time ago in the tool, although valid but there are two disadvantages: one is the need for offline activation, in the process of cracking the need to deliberately break down the network, to ensure that no network corresponding tools to perform normal cracking steps; second, this tool hack is not a permanent hack, Probably one months or so may have to open the tool to re-crack.

2) license file replacement:

Replace the original license file with the Adobe Acrobat installation directory Amtlib.dll, the directory where my Amtlib.dll file is located "C:\Program files (x86) \adobe\acrobat 11.0\acrobat" Can be used for reference. This replacement of the license file is relatively simple to crack, but may not be permanent, currently used for one months or so no problem. Later if you need a new license file to update.

Therefore, the second way is simple and efficient, recommend everyone to try, the first tool to crack the way more insurance, in case the old license file can not be used when the emergency use.

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Acrobat XI Pro keygen tools

Amtlib.dll file


Adobe Acrobat XI Pro cracked keygen secret key license replacement

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