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Based on Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 official Simplified Chinese version, free activation, no serial number, CD size of 90M.
Installation instructions: First uninstall your original version, and then the new installation of this version can be. Update Note: Fix the CPU of individual machine consumes 100% bug.

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File: Dreamweaver_cs3_sc_v1.1.iso



Like fireworks, Adobe did not upgrade the Dreamweaver interface, which led Dreamweaver to become one of the most easily-scrambling software in many of the joint design software for Adobe and Macromedia.

A Spry framework for Ajax
Visually design, develop, and deploy dynamic user interfaces using a Spry framework that is appropriate for Ajax. Increase interactivity, speed, and usability while reducing page refreshes.

Spry data
Use XML to integrate data from an RSS service or database into a Web page. Integrated data is easy to sort and filter.

Spry Window Components
Easily add common interface components such as lists, tables, tabs, forms validation, and repeatable regions to a Web page with a window component from a Spry framework that is appropriate for Ajax.

Spry effect
With Ajax-appropriate Spry effects, it is easy to add visual transitions to page elements so that they widen selection, contraction, fade, highlight, and so on.

Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks integration
Copy and paste directly from Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Fireworks CS3 to Dreamweaver CS3 to take advantage of the resources from the prototypes in your completed projects.

Browser compatibility check
Save time and ensure a more consistent experience across browsers and operating systems with a new browser compatibility check. Generate reports that identify CSS-related issues in various browsers without having to start the browser.

CSS Advisor Web site
Find Fast solutions to browser-specific CSS problems with a new CSS Advisor Web site (an online community of rich user-provided solutions and insights).

CSS layout
Easily incorporate CSS into your project with the help of a new CSS layout. There is a large number of annotation interpretation layouts in each template so that primary and intermediate designers can quickly learn. You can customize each template for your project.

CSS Management
Easily move CSS code: From rows to headings, from headings to external tables, from documents to documents, or between external tables. Clearing existing CSS from older pages is never as easy as it is now.
Adobe Device CS3
Design, preview, and test mobile device content with Adobe Device Central (now integrated into the entire Adobe Creative suite®3).

CSS in the CS3
Today, almost all Web sites use css--, which frees designers and developers from the ever-more complex forms and framework layouts. However, things always have two sides, as a kind of code, it is much more complicated than HTML.
In order to help some beginners to adapt to the Css,dreamweaver CS3 new document session features provide users with a series of CSS-based layouts: from templates that can add toolbars, headers, footers, to standard blank pages.
In the finished CSS code, each element can be annotated with an anti-gray descriptive statement, which also includes some common techniques that experienced programmers often hide. You can see the properties of all existing elements in the CSS panel, and now you can use the assistant to assign this CSS style to other (existing or new) style sheets.

Spry Frame
In the context of Web 2.0, the Ajax Spry framework is the core layout framework technology launched by Adobe. Ajax allows the local area of the page to be refreshed, improving the usability of the site. Spry uses a small amount of JavaScript and XML, but Adobe says the spry framework is HTML-centric, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics to deploy easily. The purpose of this framework design is to mark as simple as possible, JavaScript use as little as possible. Anyone who does web design development can choose a spry framework.
In Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe has added a series of prefabricated components to help users build Ajax pages more easily and quickly. These components include data widgets, such as the XML dataset (data sets), table, Confirmation window widget (validation widgets) User Interface window widget (user interface Widgets): such as menu bar and folding Display (accordions). People who are not good at programming can modify them to make pages, and those who are novice or who are not interested in programming can integrate them into their own pages.
In addition, the software provides a library of spry effects that you can use even if you are not dealing with a data-type site in your hand. Without refreshing, these "visual gradients" enable the page to fade, shrink, stretch, and highlight the results.

and IE say goodbye
Dreamweaver's own web-test system now includes a browser compatibility detection feature designed to help you deal with special pages-Web pages with bugs, non-standard web pages, no matter what browsers you use.
Every once in a while, it automatically updates the problem library, detects the page based on this library's information, and tells the user whether Adobe has made any corrections to the issue.

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