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Create (n )...CTRL + n
Open (o )...CTRL + O
Browse in BridgeCTRL + ALT + O
Close (c)CTRL + W
Close allCTRL + ALT + W
Share my screen...
Exit (X)CTRL + q
Edit (E)
Copy (c)CTRL + c
Select All (l)CTRL +
Search (n )...CTRL + F
Search again ()F3
Go to the row (g )...CTRL + G
Preferred parameter (f )...CTRL + u
Shortcut Key (k )...
View (V)
Hide character (c)CTRL + Shift + 8
Automatic line feed (W)CTRL + Shift + W
Hide Panel (P)F4
Debugging (d)
Continue (c)Alt + F5
End the debugging session (e)Alt + F12
Jump in (I)Alt + F6
Skip (V)Alt + F7
Jump out (o)Alt + F8
Switching breakpoint (B)CTRL + B
Delete all breakpoints ()CTRL + Shift + B
Start remote debugging session (r)
Event 3.0
Event 2.0
Window (W)
Toolbar (o)
Main toolbar (m)
Controller (o)
Edit bar (E)
TimelineCTRL + ALT + T
ToolsCTRL + F2
Attribute (P)CTRL + F3
Database (l)CTRL + L, F11
Public Database (B)
Animation presets
Action ()F9
Code snippet
ActionShift + F3
Compiler ErrorAlt + F2
Debug Panel (d)
Debugging Console
ActionScript 2.0 DebuggerShift + F4
Movie browser (m)Alt + F3
Output (u)F2
Alignment (g)CTRL + k
Color (c)Alt + Shift + F9
Information (I)CTRL + I
Sample (W)CTRL + F9
Deformation (t)CTRL + T
Component (X)CTRL + F7
Component Checker (r)Shift + F7
Other panels
Auxiliary functions ()Alt + Shift + F11
History (h)CTRL + F10
Scenario (s)Shift + F2
String (t)CTRL + F11
Web Service (W)CTRL + Shift + F10
Workspace (s)
Hide Panel (h)F4
Help (h)
Flash help (h)F1
Flash Technical Support Center (s)
Adobe product improvement plan (I )...
Flash exchange
Manage extended functions (m )...
Adobe Online Forum (f)
Product registration...
Cancel activation...
About Adobe Flash Professional cs5 ()
Painting menu command
File (f)
Create (n )...CTRL + n
Open (o )...CTRL + O
Browse in BridgeCTRL + ALT + O
Close (c)CTRL + W
Close allCTRL + ALT + W
Save (s)CTRL + S
Save as ()...CTRL + Shift + S
Save as template (t )...
Save back...
Save all
Restore (h)
Import (I)
Import to stage (I )...CTRL + R
Import to database (l )...
Open External library (o )...CTRL + Shift + O
Import video...
Export (E)
Export image (e )...
Export the selected content (e )...
Export a video (m )...CTRL + ALT + Shift + S
Release settings (g )...CTRL + Shift + F12
Release Preview (r)
Default (d)-(HTML)F12, CTRL + F12
Flash (f)
HTML (h)
GIF (g)
JPEG (j)
Screening file (r)
Release (B)Alt + Shift + F12
Air settings...
Set up ActionScript...
File Information...
Share my screen...
Page settings (u )...
Print (p )...CTRL + P
Send (d )...
Exit (X)CTRL + q
Edit (E)
Undo (u) Run CommandCTRL + z
Repeat (r) to run the commandCTRL + Y
Cut (t)CTRL + x

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