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Based on Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended official Simplified Chinese version of the production, has integrated 10.0.1 official upgrade package, free of activation, free serial number, CD size of 180M. Installation instructions: First uninstall your original version, and then the new installation of this version can be.

Update Description:
1, integrated 10.0.1 official upgrade package
2, remove the original Bonjour and other garbage

New features and features of Photoshop CS3:
1, Photoshop CS3 The biggest change is the toolbox, into a scalable, can be long single and short double.
2. The Quick Mask mode and screen switching mode on the toolbox also change the switching method.
3, the Toolbox selection tool options, more than one group selection mode, you can decide to select a group or a separate layer.
4, Toolbox more quickly select Tools Quick Selection Tool, should be magic wand of the fast version, you can not use any shortcut keys to select, press to not put can be like painting the same selection area, very magical. Of course, the option Bar also has a new, plus, minus three modes optional, fast selection of large color differences will be very intuitive, fast.
5. All selection tools include the option to redefine the selection edge (Refine edge), such as defining the radius of the edge, contrast, feather, and so on, to shrink and expand the selection. There are also a variety of display modes to choose from, such as quick mask mode and mask mode, etc., very convenient. For example, you make a simple feather that lets you preview and adjust the effects of different feather values directly. Of course, the familiar feather command in the Select menu exits the history stage.
6, the palette can be reduced to a beautiful icon, a bit like the CorelDRAW of the dock window, or like the Flash panel shrinking state, but in contrast to this cooler, two-layer contraction, feel great!
7. A "clone" source palette, which is used in conjunction with the clone stamp, allows you to define multiple clone sources (sampling points), as if
Word has more than one clipboard content. In addition, the clone source can overlap preview, provide specific sampling coordinates, can be shifted to the clone source scaling, rotation, mixing and other editing operations. The clone source can be for one layer or two or all layers, which is a pattern more than the previous version.
8, in Adobe Bridge Preview can use Magnifier to enlarge the local image, and the magnifying glass can also move, but also can rotate. If you have multiple pictures selected at the same time, you can also preview together, it's really cool.
9, Adobe Bridge added Acrobat Connect function, used to open the network meeting, the predecessor is Macromedia Shiteng Breeze.
10, bridge can directly see the video of Flash FLV format, the other bridge start feeling good fast, than CS2 and CS two versions are faster, without any drag sense and "panic feeling."
11, in bridge, select multiple pictures, press ctrl+g can be stacked more than one picture, of course, you can click to expand, this is used to save space
12. The new dialog box adds the default size preset for creating Web pages, videos, and phone content directly. For example, commonly used Web page banner size, such as the common mobile phone screen size and so on

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended tornado version V1.3

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