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I believe that many people have encountered such a situation, is just installed broadband when the computer turned on a dial-up connection when the computer crashed, it will take a few minutes to be good. Here to introduce the next ADSL let the computer crash solution.

Let's first analyze the reason for this: Windows XP installs the TCP/IP of the network card under the default installation mode? Songhu White far? Gets the status. When the system starts, the system first detects whether there is a fixed IP address in the NIC configuration, and if no fixed IP address is found, the outgoing packet requests the DHCP server in the network to assign the IP address; If you are not connected to a DHCP server, the system will use Automatic Private IP addressing. Specifies that the IP address of the NIC is either to, and the subnet mask is set to

now commonly used ADSL modem in the default state, its DHCP function is disabled, so does not provide IP address to the system, in the Windows XP suspended animation, we will see the ADSL modem data upload and download lights flashing, and in the data lights stop flashing , the system will return to normal. At this point, run "ipconfig" to see the IP address of the network card is 169.254.x.x.

Workaround 1: Specify a fixed IP address for the network adapter

in Control Panel, open the Network Connections window, locate the ADSL-connected local Area connection to the Properties window for the connection, and double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the general item , the IP address of the network card is set to, the subnet mask is set to, the gateway and DNS are the default settings, then the "OK" button is clicked.

Workaround 2: Open Internet Connection Sharing for Windows XP

Although ADSL is connected to only one computer, setting up Internet Connection Sharing seems superfluous, but if you turn on Internet Connection Sharing, Windows XP system will become a micro-DHCP server, it will force the IP address of the network card to set, this method and Method 1 have the same.

Workaround 3: Open ADSL broadband cat's DHCP function

Most ADSL modems have built-in DHCP functionality, which is disabled by default, and we can turn DHCP on by using the ADSL Setup program, when Windows When an XP system emits an IP address allocation request, it quickly provides the available IP address, and Windows XP systems do notThere will be a suspended animation phenomenon. The example of the East letter e700a below

shows how to turn on the ADSL DHCP function. The e700a IP address defaults to First, the IP address of the NIC is set to In the network properties. Open IE, enter HTTP:// the Address bar, username and password are root, go to "DHCP mode" in "LAN", select "DHCP Server" in the Pull-down menu, and click "Submit" button below. Then save the settings and restart it is the most effective solution to our

first method, and it is the simplest, and it is generally possible for a person to master this method. But for ADSL installation debugging and computer maintenance personnel need to master the three ways.

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