Advantages and disadvantages of Network Management switches and non-network management Switches

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Disadvantages of non-NMS switches:

1. Non-NMS switches have limited functions and are suitable for household or small-sized networks.

2. ARP protection is not supported.

ARP attacks are not a virus, so almost all anti-virus software is helpless. But they are more like viruses-because they can cause slow communication, network paralysis, and information leakage.

3. MAC Address binding is not supported.

4. VLAN division is not supported.

When an end user connected to a non-NMS vswitch is in the same broadcast domain, a broadcast storm may occur and cannot be protected or blocked. The entire network is congested, blocked, and flooded, resulting in paralysis of the entire network.

5. Traffic-based control is not supported

6. Poor Data Transmission reliability and serious packet loss.

7. A single assembly, which cannot be applied to large and medium-sized networks, imposes great limitations on network upgrade and expansion.

8. inconvenient management and high hardware failure rate.

Advantages of non-NMS switches:

1. The price is low and the cost is saved.

2. The number of ports is dense.

3. Flexible use.

Benefits of a Network Management Switch

1. large bandwidth and faster data forwarding.

2. Flexible networking and application of the access layer of large and medium-sized networks.

3. Flexible ports are provided. Different interface forms are selected based on network applications, such as SFP, GE, Fast Ethernet port, and Ethernet port.

4. VLAN Division is supported. Users can divide regions for different applications to effectively control and manage the network. Progress suppresses broadcast storms.

5. high throughput, low packetloss, and low latency.

6. You can control the data information flow based on the source, destination, and CIDR block.

7. Link aggregation can bind a vswitch with a vswitch and a server through multiple Ethernet ports to achieve load balancing,

8. Provides ARP protection to reduce ARP spoofing.

9. Binding with a MAC address.

10. The Port Mirroring function copies the traffic and status of one port to another port of the switch for monitoring.

11. Support for DHCP.

12. Access Control List: it can control IP data packets, such as limiting its traffic, inbound and outbound traffic, and providing QoS.

13. Good security performance: vswitches can filter MAC addresses, lock MAC addresses, and build static Mac forwarding tables.

14. Supports IEEE 802.1Q and port-based VLAN. The gvrp (Garp, VLAN Registration Protocol) and gmrp (Garp multicast Registration Protocol) in the IEEE 802.1Q VLAN are also widely supported.

15. It has the SNMP function to better manage and control the network.

16. It is easy to expand and flexible to use. It can be managed through network management software or remotely accessed through its own access control. Increase network security and controllability.

Disadvantages of Network Management Switch

1. It is slightly more expensive than a non-network management switch.

2. configurations are required because the operations are more complex than those of vswitches without network connections.

Which one is better depends on which one is more suitable for your current network environment. This all.

Advantages and disadvantages of Network Management switches and non-network management Switches

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